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Social cohesion
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Consumer Health Protection Committee (CD-P-SC, former CD-P-SP)

Committee of Experts on Cosmetic Products (P-SC-CO)

Ad hoc Group on adverse reactions to cosmetics
Ad hoc Group on tattoos and permanent make-up

Committee of Experts on Nutrition, Food and Consumer Health (P-SC-NU)

Ad hoc Group on nutrition in schools
Ad hoc Group on stored product protection
Ad hoc Group on food supplements

Committee of Experts on Materials coming into contact with Food (P-SC-CDA)

Ad hoc Group on cork
Ad hoc Group on test conditions for paper and board
Ad hoc Group on packaging inks
Ad hoc Group on coatings
Ad hoc Group on toxicological evaluation of food contact materials
Ad hoc Group on rubber
Ad hoc Group on tissue papers

Committee of experts on Flavouring Substances (P-SP-AR)

Committee of Experts on Pharmaceutical Questions (P-SP-PH)

Ad hoc Group on medicines and Internet
Ad hoc Group on medication safety

Committee of Experts on the legal classification of medicines as regards their supply (P-SP-PHO)


Committee on the Rehabilitation and Integration of People with disabilities (CD-P-RR) and its Bureau

Working group on the Council of Europe Disability Action Plan (P-RR-WGAP) and its Ad
Hoc Drafting Group (P-RR-DGAP)

  • Committee of experts on the education and integration of children with autism (P-RR-AUT)

Committee of experts on universal design (accessibility) (P-RR-UD)

Ad hoc group of experts on community living (deinstitutionalisation) of children with disabilities (P-RR-CLCD)