Youth and discuss on conflicts resolution
1 to 7 July 2004 - Young people from Israel, Palestine and Kosovo discuss on conflict resolution
Participants list
Strasbourg- April 2003 - First seminar on youth and conflicts

Walter Schwimmer, Council of Europe Secretary General

Roland Mack, Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador for Families since April 2003, and Director of the leisure park
Goodwill Ambassador - Council of Europe Website
Some forty young people from conflict areas, aged between 16 and 20, will meet at a youth camp organised by the Council of Europe from 1 to 6 July at the Europa-Park leisure park (Rust/Freiburg, Germany) in order to discuss their differences and try to find new peaceful solutions to conflicts. On 7 July, the group will visit the Council of Europe.

The aims of the meeting – which will involve Israelis and Palestinians from Jerusalem, and Albanians and Serbs from Kosovo (mainly Mitrovica and Pristina) – are to break down prejudices and stereotypes, to raise young people's awareness of cultural and social differences and similarities, to encourage dialogue, and to enable participants to come up with their own projects.

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Walter Schwimmer, expects new ideas in the field of conflict resolution to be generated by a series of activities (initiated in 2003) involving young people from conflict areas in and around Europe.

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Statement by the participants

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4 July 2004 - Discussion on the political situations in the different conflict areas, drawing up of first proposals for solutions