Informal meeting of the European Ministers responsible for Cultural Affairs : «The new role and new responsibilities of Ministers of Culture in initiating intercultural dialogue, with due regard for cultural diversity» - Strasbourg, 17- 18 February 2003 

Curriculum Vitae of Heads of Delegations

The Curriculum Vitae presented in this document
were made available to the Secretariat by the Ministries concerned


I.States Party to the European Cultural Convention / États parties à la Convention Culturelle Européenne

II. Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe / Comité des Ministres du Conseil de l’Europe

III. Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe / Assemblée Parlementaire du Conseil de l’Europe

IV. Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe (CLRAE) / Congrès des Pouvoirs Locaux et Régionaux de l’Europe (CPLRE)

V. European Union / Union Européenne

VI. Observer States / États Observateurs

VII. Guests / Invités

VIII. Other Observers / Autres observateurs

IX. Experts

X. Council of Europe General Secretariat / Secrétariat général du Conseil de l’Europe

States Party to the
European Cultural Convention

Etats parties à la
Convention Culturelle Européenne


Mrs. Arta DADE
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport

Family name: DADE

First name: Arta

Data of birth: 15.03.1953
Place of birth: Tirana
Residence: Rruga “Myslym Shyri”, Pallati 53, Ap 15, Tirana
Tel: +355 (0)4 24 65 37
Mother of two sons


1968-1972: Secondary Education, Language school, Tirana
1972-1975 :University Education, Foreign Language Faculty, Tirana

Political Activity

1991: Member of Socialist Party of Albania,SPA

1992: Member of the Presidency of SPA

1997-2003: Member of Parliament, Socialist Group

1997-1998: Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport

1998-2001: Vice-Chair of the Foreign Policy Committee of Europe

2001 – 2002: Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Albania

2002 – onward: Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport of the Republic of Albania

Socal Activity

1991- Member of Socialist Women Forum and other NGO-s

1993 -Member of European Forum of the Left Women

Participant in numerous International Political, Social and Scientific Conferences

Member of Global Forum of Leading Women

Author of many political, social and scientific articles


English, French & Italian


Représentant Permanent d'Andorre auprès du Conseil de l’Europe


Deputy Minister of Culture

born in 14 May, 1969, Erevan, Armenia


Secondary school after D. Varuzhan /with distinction/

Erevan State University, philological department

National Academy of Science of Armenia after M. Abelyan,
Institute of Literature post-graduate course


1992-till now: “Marenadaran” Old Scripts Scientific-Research Institute after Mastots, as the science officer

1997 June : Assistant to the Minister of Culture, youth affairs and sports

1999 January : Chief adviser to the Minister of Culture, youth affairs and sports

2000 March : Deputy Minister of Culture, youth affairs and sports


Russian /advanced/, English


Author of philological, currant affairs writing articles and a number of legal acts

In 2002 November by the President of the Republic of Armenia and the National Assemble was ratified his authored law “On the Principals of Cultural Legislation”


5 Tumanian str, 375001 Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: (+374 1) 52 12 76); Fax: (+374 1) 52 39 22


Dr. Florian HAUG
Bundeministerium für auswärtige Angelegenheiten

Born 1946
Austrian citizen

1965 : Graduation from High School (Bundesrealgymnasium Wels/
Upper Austria)

1965/1966 : Military Service (JgS Saalfelden, Imst)

1966-1971: Studied Law at the Universities of Innsbruck and Vienna

Study at the Music Conservatory in Innsbruck and at the
Music Academy in Vienna (Violin);
Concerts in Austria, Germany, England, Italy, Hungary and

1967: Scholarship at the University for Foreigners in Perugia (Italian History of Civilization)

1971-1974: Law Internship in Vienna and Graz

1972: 3-month Internship at the Continental Illinois Bank/Vienna

1974-1990: District Court Judge (Vienna: Favoriten and Donaustadt)
and in Wels/Upper Austria

1990: Joining the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs/MFA (Office of International Law)

1991: Summer Course ENA in Paris/France

1991-1993: MFA–Department of International Law

1993-1997: Austrian Embassy in The Hague (Deputy Head of Mission)

1997 – 2001: Austrian Ambassador to Lithuania

March 2002: MFA–Head of Department for Scientific and Technical

September 2002: Chairman/Board of Trustees of the “Österreich-Institut”


Professor Polad BYULBYULOGLU
Minister of Culture

Personal Information
Date of birth: February 5, 1945
Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan
Country of residence: Azerbaijan
Citizenship: Azerbaijan
Marital status: married


December 26, 1988-present: Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan
November 26, 1995-1998 : Deputy of the Milli Medjlis (the Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan

1987-1990: The Deputy of the Baku City Council
Head of the Cultural Constant Commission
1981-1987: Head of the “Ashiglar” Vocal-Instrumental Ensemble
1975-1977: Head of Azerbaijan State
Estrada Ensemble


1963 – 1968: Azerbaijan State
Faculty of Composers

Honorary prizes and awards

2000: Professor of music, degree given by the Supreme
Commission on Attestation of Azerbaijan

2000 : Opening of the Star of Polad Byulbyuloglu on the Star Square in Moscow

1995 : Honorary Professor of the Azerbaijan State University of Arts and Culture after A.Guseynzade

1991: Doctor of Arts of the National Creative Academy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
The Honorary Letter of the Supreme Council of Mari ASSR

1992: Honorary Letter of the Supreme Council of Chuvash ASSR
1982: Honorary Title of the People Artist of Azerbaijan
1973: Honorary Title of the Deserved Figure of Arts of Azerbaijan
1970 : Premium of Azerbaijan Comsomol for composing songs for children

Professional membership

1999-present: Academician-member of the International Humanitarian Academy
1977-present: Member of the Union of the Theatre Figures
1969-present: Member of the Composers


Représentant permanent du Bélarus au Conseil de l’Europe

Date de nasissance

Représentant du Bélarus au Conseil de l’Europe

Vice-Directeur du Département juridique du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères

Conseiller du Département consulaire du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères

Vice-Directeur de l’Institut Bélarus de la législation et du dévelopement d’Etat

Conseiller juridique de Secrétariat général du Conseil des Ministres du Bélarus


Flemish Community/Communauté flamande

Mr.Yanniss AICHE
Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Name: Aïche
First name: Yaniss
Mobile: +32.(0)473/95.03.92
Birth: Ghent (Belgium) on: February 27, 1976
Nationality: Belgian
Status: Married
Pastimes: Flamenco guitar, reading, Mediterranean world and biking

Current Position
Personal councilor to the Minister of Home Affairs, Culture, Youth and the Civil Services
of the Flemish government

Responsible for
Bilateral relations, mixed and cooperation agreements, diplomatic contacts and structural programs

Focus in 2001-2002
Regional integration, the role of regions in the EU and the enlargement of Europe, peace processes,
African development (Nepad), World Economic Forum and World Trade Organization

Academic Qualifications
1995-2000: Master of Law, Universiteit Gent
University of California at Berkeley
Postgraduate scholar in International and Area Studies Department

Work experience
1997: Law firm Taverniers and Partners
2000: Intouch Columbia
2001: International relocation guidance Cedent Mobility

Dutch, French, Arabic, English and Spanish

Academic Distinctions
Lectures: Ibn Khaldun on the “Third BAMES-Lecture Group Meeting”
(Bay Area Middle Eastern Studies), 2001
“Leadership and Conflict Resolution” on the CAL Leadership Berkeley

Aiche Y. en Verbeeck B., « De V.N. en de Westelijke Sahara »,
in VVN berichten, Tijdschrift van de Verenigingen voor de Verenigde Naties, no. 108, 2000/3, p.3

Essays dealing with the European Union, enlargement, regional organization,
peace keeping studies and humanitarian interventions


Deputy Minister at the Federal Ministry for Education, Science, Culture and Sport

Dubravko Lovrenović was born in Jajce (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on August 30, 1956. He graduated from Philosophy Faculty (the Department of History) University of Sarajevo in 1979.

In 1980 he was appointed to work as an assistant on the subject General History of the Middle Ages at the Philosophy Faculty in Sarajevo. He enrolled in the Philosophy Faculty at University of Belgrade in 1981 where he received his Master's Degree in 1985, by conferring upon his master's thesis on the subject: «The Balkan Countries Versus Venetian-Hungarian Wars in the Early XV Century». After his research in the archives of Dubrovnik, Zadar and Zagreb, he registered for a doctorate in history at he Philosophy Faculty in Sarajevo in 1989, the subject of thesis of which was «Hungary and Bosnia from 1387 to 1463». In the preparation for the doctorate he completed a six-month specialization research at the Faculty Etvos Lorand of the University of Budapest.

At the beginning of 1990 he was appointed for the post of Senior Assistant at the Philosophy Faculty in Sarajevo. After defending his doctoral thesis in 1999 he was appointed to the position of Assistant Professor on the subject General History of the Middle Ages at the Department of History at the Philosophy Faculty in Sarajevo.

Currently, Dr. Lovrenović performs the duty of the Vice Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports in the Administration of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and conducts the Center for Historian Research at the International Forum Bosnia in Sarajevo.

Ms. Lidija, TOPIC
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina

She was born in 1967 in Sarajevo. Elementary and secondary school, as well as the Academy of Art, finished in Sarajevo. The sixth grade of the elementary school finished in London, fourth grade of the Grammar School in Scotland, Orkney Islands and fourth year of the Faculty at the Murray State University, Kentucky, USA.

Until the war, she exhibited individually and at collective exhibitions. She is a member of the Association of Visual and Applied Artists of BiH. She won Youth Saloon Award in 1990.

At the beginning of the war in Sarajevo, she moved to Zagreb. From 1992 to 1996 she worked for the UNHCR, a leading humanitarian agency in the Republic of Croatia. She ran training programs for refugees with special needs in Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Geneva and New York.

In 1996, she returned to Sarajevo and started working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH. From 1996 to 2000, she performed duties of the Deputy Permanent Representative at BiH Mission to the UN in New-York; in 2000, Deputy Minister of European Integration; in 2001, Head of the Department for UN and Other International Organisations at the MFA of BiH. On 1 November 2002, she was appointed for the position of the acting Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs.

She is a Vice-President of the BiH delegations in work of the UN General Assembly, Special Sessions, Millennium Summit, Un Session on the Fight against the Organised Crime, led BiH delegation at G77 Summit in Havana, Cuba. On behalf of BiH, she addressed at the UN Special Session on Women in New York, Forum for Global Action against Human Trafficking in Sicily, etc.

She studied human rights at the Columbia University in New York.

She was elected for the Vice-President of the Preparatory Committee for the UN Special Session on Children, initiated the Regional Preparation for the UN Special Session, held in Berlin in 2001, where representatives from 52 states participated. She presided over the working group on Protection of Children.

Married, mother of five-year Filip.


Professor Bojidar ABRASHEV
Minister of Culture

Prof. Bojidar Abrashev was born on 28 March 1936 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

He majored in composition from the State Music Academy in 1960. He has a Doctor’s Degree (1976) and a Doctor of Art Degree (1991).

From 1963 until 1966 he was the bandleader of the Filip Koutev State Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances. Since 1964 he is teaching at the State Music Academy in Sofia and also he is a guest lecturer at Music and Dance Academy in Plovdiv, Sofia University, Shoumen University and Blagoevgrad University.

In 1967 he became a member of the Union of Bulgarian Composers.

Prof. Abrashev is the author of a large number of scholarly papers and publications and has composed some 60 opuses and music pieces – symphonies, chamber music, vocal works.

He has been decorated with St.Cyril and St. Methodius Order, 2nd class.

Prof. Bojidar Abrashev is Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria since July 2001. It is his first political position. Member of the ruling political party National Movement Simeon II.

Languages: German and Russian, working knowledge of English.

Married, with three children.


Dr. Antun VUJIĆ, Ph.D.

Minister of Culture

Born in Dubrovnik on 14 July 1945.

Commenced studies at the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Zagreb in 1963, where he graduated in 1967 with a degree in philosophy and sociology.

During his studies he was the editor of Studentski list, the student newspaper.

In 1967 he launched and headed Omladinski tjednik (Youth Weekly), a paper created in the spirit of the “underground” youth culture of the time, and in 1969 he became the director of the Youth Cultural Activity Centre.

In 1971, he was politically affiliated with the democratic movement of so-called Croatian Spring. After purge in 1972 he was dismissed from all jobs.

Since 1974, he has been engaged in the Yugoslav Lexicographical Institute in Zagreb, where he worked on encyclopaedias and lexicons; he continued his post- graduate study of philosophy at the International Inter-university Centre in Dubrovnik. He achieved a master of science degree in 1976.

After a pause of many years, in the middle of the 1980s his works began to appear under his name in professional journals, mostly dealing with philosophical-scientific themes; he is the author of a number of lexicographical and socio-political studies.

He was the first in Croatia to write about the philosophy of K.R.Popper, and achieved a Ph.D. in philosophy in 1985. In 1987 he published the book Otvorena znanost i otvoreno društvo ( Open Science and Open Society).

At the end of the 1980s, he became involved in the democratic changes in Croatia; he was one of the initiators of the Croatian Human Rights Committee (1989) and the founder of the first Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDH) which became a parliamentary party after the first multiparty elections held in Croatia in 1990.

In 1994, after the unification of the SDH and the SDP (Croatia’s other social democratic party), he became the president of the SDP Advisory Council, participating in its development as the strongest party in Croatia by 1999.

Since 1995 he has been a parliamentary deputy, a member of the Croatian parliamentary delegation to the Council of Europe (1996) and the Inter-parliamentary Union (1997); he was the vice-chair of the parliamentary Committee on Education, Culture and Science.

After the elections held in January 2000, he became minister of culture of the Republic of Croatia.

In additional to his political activity, in 1993 he initiated and became the editor-in-chief of Hrvatski leksikon (Croatian Lexicon), a large national encyclopaedic work (volume I published in 1996, volume II in 1997). He was presented with the National Science Award in recognition of his efforts in this project (1998).


Dr. Petros M. KAREKLAS
Permanent Secretary (Vice Minister)

Personal data: Born 19/4/49, Kythrea, Cyprus

Married, two daughters

Higher Education: Diplom-Volkswirt (MSc Econ), University of Freiburg/Germany
MA (Econ) USC (University of S. Carolina, at Columbia),USA
PhD (Econ), USC/Columbia, USA

Professional Experience:

Cyprus Government (1969 -86 and 1999 - to date)
1969-1986: Officer at the Statistics & Research Dpt / Min. of Finance
Special Advisor at the Dpt of Inland Revenue (1986)

1999-2000: Permanent Secretary (Vice-Minister),
Ministry of Defense

2000 -to date: Permanent Secretary (Vice-Minister)
Ministry of Education & Culture

Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB), (1986 -98)
Head of Department (Industry & Economic Research, Management Development Programmes)


Member of the Cyprus Stock Exchange Council, (1993 - 1999)
Member of the Advisory Committee for Tertiary Education, (1987 - 1998); President of the Committee since May 2000.
Member of the Board of Directors, Cyprus Development Bank (2001 - ……)
Member of the Board of Directors, Cyprus Fulbright Commission (2000- to date)
Presided over the two Committees for preparing the Reports for the establishment of the Open University of
Cyprus and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, respectively.
Co-researcher in a project for the “Bank of Jamaica”, in cooperation with the World Bank (Washington DC)
Research and teaching Assistant at USC
Reporter (occasionally in the past) on economic issues for CBC and other private radio and TV stations


Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit (First Class) of the FR of Germany (1989), awarded by HE the former Federal President, Dr R von Weizsaecker, for exceptional services in promoting Cypriot-German relations

Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World (1990 and 2001) and in the Dictionary of International Biography (23rd Ed)

Honourary Award as “Person of the Year 1999 in Cyprus concerning Quality Assurance” (Greek Quality Magazine Eco-Q) – presented by the Greek Parliament President, Mr A. Kaklamanis, on the 5.6.2000 in Zappion, Athens.


Deputy Minister

Personal details:


Date of birth: 22 May 1966

Nationality: Czech

Marital status: Single


1984–1988: Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague

1972–1984: Elementary and secondary schools

Professional career:

2001: Ministry of Culture, Deputy Minister

1999–2001: Ministry of Culture, Director, Legal and Legislation Department

1998–1999: Ministry of Culture, Lawyer

1992–1998: Holiday Inn Prague, Lawyer/Assistant General Manager

1990–1992: Agentura Praga, Lawyer

1989–1990: Pražské kulturní středisko (Prague Culture Centre), Lawyer


Director, EU-Affairs

1958: Born

Graduate in political science

Graduate in the Arts, social studies

Head of Section (Budget) at the Danish Ministry of Culture

Member of The Nordic Contact Group on Cultural Policy Research

Cultural attaché at the Permanent Representation of Denmark to the
European Union, Brussels

Head of Division for Research, Information Technology, National Policy
Planning and Coordination of European Affairs

2000: Chairman of The Nordic Committee for Cultural Cooperation

2001- Director, EU-Affairs, Danish Ministry of Culture


Mrs. Reet MIKKEL
Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Culture

Academic education:

1965: A graduate of Moscow State Institute of Theatrical Art,
Speciality – theatre history

Work experience:

2002-presence: Deputy Secretary General (fine arts)

1996-2002: Head of Arts Department, Ministry of Culture

1987-1996: Vice-Chairwoman, Estonian Theatre Union

1973-1987: Responsible secretary, Estonian Theatre Union

1969-1973: Administrative Director, Vanemuine Theatre

1965-1969: Consultant, Estonian Theatre Union

Additional information:

Member of the Estonian Theatre Union
Member of the Estonian Association of Theatre Researchers


Citizenship: Estonian
Family status: Married
Languages: Estonian, English and Russian


Mr. Kalevi KIVISTŐ
Director General, Ministry of Education
(Department for Cultural, Sport and Youth Policy)

Born: 25.03.1941

Lic. Pol. Sci., the University of Helsinki 1969

Lecturer and ass. professor in the University of Jyväskylä 1964-1972

Member of Parliament 1972-1984

Minister of Culture 1975-76, 1977-78

Minister of Culture and Science 1978-1981

Minister of Education 1982

Candidate in the election of president of the republic 1982 and 1988

Governor of the Central Finland Province 1985-1997

Director General, Department for Cultural, Sport and Youth Policy in the
Ministry of Education 1997 -

President of the Finnish Red Cross 1999


Directeur du Département des affaires internationales
du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

Né en février 1961 à Villers-Semeuse (France)
Directeur du Département des affaires internationales
Ministère de la culture et de la communication


2002: Directeur du Département des affaires internationales
(Ministère de la culture et de la communication)

1998: Directeur général de Radio France internationale et de RMC Moyen-Orient


1993-1994: Conseiller technique au cabinet de M. François BAYROU
(Ministère de l’éducation nationale)
1991-1993: Détaché en qualité d’Inspecteur des finances à l’Inspection générale des finances

1987-1991: Chef du bureau des affaires fiscales et financières/direction de la flotte de commerce – Ministère des transports et de la mer

1985-1987: Elève de l’Ecole nationale d’administration (ENA)



Chevalier dans l’ordre national du mérite


Minister of Culture


Born in 1961 in Tbilisi.

In 1983 graduated from the Ivane Javakhishvili State University of Tbilisi,
Faculty of Western European Languages and Literature, speciality: English language and literature.

1983-1987 - post graduate student at the chair of history of old Georgian literature.

1983-1990 - first secretary of the Central Committee of the Young Communist League of Georgia.

1990-1991 deputy Minister of Education of Georgia.

Since 1998 she is a professor of Tbilisi State University.

1998-2000 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

Since 2000 Minister of Culture of Georgia.

Since 1995 candidate of philological sciences.

In 1998 conferred the diplomatic rank of ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary.

Has produced 5 scientific works.

Speaks Georgian, English, Russian languages.


Dr. Gunter MULACK
Beauftragter für den Islamdialog-Dialog der Kulturen-Auswärtiges Amt
(Délégué du Gouvernement fédéral aux questions de l’Islam at au dialogue des cultures)

23.09.1943: Geboren in Landsberg/Warthe, verheiratet, 1 Tochter
1963: Abitur
1963-1968: Studium der Rechtswissenschaft und der Islamwissenschaft in Marburg, Göttingen und den USA
1968: Erste Juristische Staatsprüfung, Celle
1968-1969: Assistent an der Universität Göttingen (Institut für Völkerrecht)
1970: Master of Laws, UC Berkeley, USA
1970-1971: Juristischer Vorbereitungsdienst
1971-1973: Vorbereitungsdienst für den Höheren Auswärtigen Dienst
1972: Promotion zum Dr. jur., Göttingen
1973: Laufbahnprüfung für den Höheren Auswärtigen Dienst
1973-1974: Botschaft Beirut, Arabisch Sprachkurs MECAS/Shemlan
1974-1978 : Botschaft Kuwait, Ständiger Vertreter
1978-1980 : Botschaft Caracas, Leiter des Wirtschaftsdienstes
1980-1983 : Botschaft Amman, Ständiger Vertreter
1983-1990 : Auswärtiges Amt, seit 1986 stellvertretender Referatsleiter in der Rechtsabteilung
1990-1991 : Generalkonsul in Casablanca
1991-1994 : Botschafter in Kuwait und Bahrain
21.11.1994 : Auswärtiges Amt, Referatsleiter in der Politischen Abteilung
1999-2002 : Botschafter in Damaskus
21.05.2002 : Auswärtiges Amt, Beauftragter für Islamdialog, Dialog der Kulturen


Professor Evangelos VENIZELOS
Minister for Culture of the Hellenic Republic

Evangelos Venizelos is the Greek Minister for Culture, member of the Parliament from the Constituency of Thessaloniki, member of the PASOK Executive Committee and Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Thessaloniki.

He was born in Thessaloniki, in 1957. He is married and has one daughter.

Professor Venizelos studied Law at the University of Thessaloniki and the Universite of Paris (Sorbonne II). He is also a Barrister in the Greek Supreme Court.

Since 1993, he has served as Minister under the Andreas Papandreou and Kostas Simitis governments. In particular, he has served the following terms:
-Minister for Press and Mass Media- Government Spokesman (1993-95)
-Minister for Transport and Communications (1995-96)
-Minister for Justice (1996)
-Minister for Development, Energy, Industry, Trade, Tourism and Technology (1999-2000)

Since November 2000, he is serving the Greek government as Minister for Culture for a second time. In this capacity, Mr.Venizelos is also in charge of coordinating the entire range of aspects of the Olympic Preparation (technical works, Cultural Olympiad, athletic preparation, etc).

In addition, Professor Venizelos was the raporteur of the Revision of the Greek Constitution that lasted from 1996 until 2001.

Professor Evangelos Venizelos has authored many books of legal and political interest and has published a multitude of scientific and political studies and articles.


Monsignor Paul Richard GALLAGHER

Born : Liverpool, England, 23 January 1954

Primary Education: St Augustin’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Liverpool (1959-1965)

Secondary Education: St Francis Xavier’s College, Liverpool

Seminary: The Venerable English College, Rome (1971-1978)
Philosophical Studies: Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome - PH.B. -(1971-1973)

Thelogical Studies: Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome
- S.T.B.-(1973-1976)
- S.T.L-Specialization in spirituality (1976 -1978)

Ordination to the priesthood: 31 July 1977 (Archidiocese of Liverpool)

Pastoral Assignments (1978-1980)
Assistant priest-Holy Name Parish, Fazakerley, LiverpooI
Diocesan chaplain, Young Christian Students
Member of archdiocesan Justice & Peace Commission
Delegate to the National Pastoral Congress (1980)

Diplomatic training
Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, Rome 1980-1984
Diploma 1984

Canon law studies
Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome
J.C.L. - 1980-1982
J.C.D. - 1982-1984

Appointment to the diplomatic service of the Holy See: 1 MAY 1984

Diplomatic career to date:
1988-1991: First Secretary and "Uditore" Apostoloic / Nunciature in Uruguay
1991-1995 : "Uditore" and Counsellor Apostolic /.Nunciature in the Philippines
1995-2000 : Counsellor within the second section of the Secretariat of State


Chaplain to his Holiness 7 February 1987

Prelate of Honour of his Holiness 5 May 1999


Mr. Zsolt JĒKELY
Director General, Department for Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Cultural Heritage)

Name: Zsolt JÉKELY (Mr.)
Born: in 1945
Graduated from the Technical University of Budapest, 1969
Degree: M.of Architecture


KÖZTI (State Planning Institute for Public Buildings)

Ministry of Environment and Construction, Department of Architecture and Heritage

Director of the National Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments

Ministry of Culture and Education, Director General of the International Relations Department

Ministry of Cultural Heritage (one of the legal successors of the former
Ministry of Culture and Education), Director General of the Department for Foreign Affairs

Working language:


Other positions:

Hungarian member of the CDPAT, Council of Europe
Hungarian representative in the Central European Initiative, WG on Culture


Director of Cultural Offiice /Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

Law degree in 1986 from the University of Iceland.

Assitant judge from 1986-1989.

Attorney from 1989-1992 for a publishing company.

University of Copenhagen 1992-1993, studying EU law, Environmental law and copyright law.

Head of section for international affairs, Ministry of Environment 1993-1995

Head of Division for arts and culture, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture 1995 -2000

Director of office for culture, media, sport and youth, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture from 2000.


Mr. Michael GRANT
Assistant Secretary General
Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism

Mr Grant Holds a degree in Commerce (B.Comm) from University College, Dublin, a Diploma in Administration from the Irish Institute of Public Administration and is an Associate of the Royal College of Music, London, UK.

He is the Assistant Secretary General responsible for the development of policy proposals including legislation and the implementation of policy in the areas of the arts, film and culture. The following National Cultural Institutions come under his aegis :-the National Museum of Ireland, the National Gallery of Ireland, the National Library of Ireland, the National Archives, the National Concert Hall and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Other State agencies under his aegis include the Irish Arts Council and the Irish Film Board.


Ambassadeur Pietro Ercole AGO
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Graduate in Constitutional law on « Bilingualism and Linguistic minorities » in 1965, at the Law Faculty at the University of Rome

Assistant Professor of Diplomatic History, University of Rome 1965/1967.

Entered the Italian Foreign Service as a career diplomat in 1967, being assigned the NATO and the Disarmament Desks in Rome.

From 1969 to 1979 was posted in Prague, Nairobi and Washington.

In 1979 he came back to Rome and was first in charge of the multilateral economic and then of the Energy, Space and scientific cooperation Desk.

On the 1st July 1982 was nominated Embassy Councillor.

He served at the Embassy in Vienna from 1982 to 1986 as Counsellor and then Deputy Head of Mission.

Back at the MFA Headquarters, responsible for political relationships with Italy’s neighbouring Countries, as well as for the poltical aspects of the Central European Initiative (former « Pentagonale ») and for Cooperation in the Mediterranean area. In this capacity played an active role in the Italian policy towards the crises in the Balkans (Albania and former Yugoslavia), in the conclusion with Austria of the Alto Adige case and in the elaboration of the Council of Europe Framework Convention and of the Central European Initiative instrument on the protection of national minorities.

On the 6th April 1990 was nominated Plenipotentiary Minister of second class.

Appointed Ambassador to Hungary in January 1995 and accreditated also to Moldova in January 1996.

On the 23rd December 1997 was nominated Plenipotentiary Minister of first class.

Appointed Permanent Representative of Italy to the Council of Europe in October 1999.

President of the Comittee of Ministers of the Council of Europe from May to November 2000. In June 2001 elected Chairman of the Rapporteurs Group on Democratic Stability (GREDS) of the Comittee of Ministers.


Under-State Secretary
Ministry of Culture

Name, surname: Uldis Lielpēters
address: Ministry of Culture Republic of Latvia,
Kr. Valdemara 11a, LV 1364, Riga, Latvia
phone: +371-7078140
fax: +371-7078107


1983: graduates from the Art Academy of Latvia;

1978: graduates from the J.Rozentāls Riga Secondary School of Arts;

Work Experience:

since 1999 under state secretary of the Ministry of Culture;

1996-1999 director of the Arts Education Centre of the Ministry of Culture;

1990-1996 arts adviser at the School Centre of the Ministry of Culture;

1987-1996 deputy director of the Riga School of Arts;

1984-1987 teacher at the Mārupe Secondary School




Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

Ms. Roma Dovydėnienė was born in 1956 12 02. Graduated from Vilnius University Faculty of Law.

Since 1981 has worked as a lawyer.

1990-1996 has worked as a legal adviser in the trade unions.

In 1992 has been elected as a chairman of Lithuanian commercial trade union.

Since 1996 –Member of the Parliament /Seimas/ of the Republic of Lithuania, Deputy Chairman of Committee on European Affairs, member of Committee on Social Affairs and Labour, member of a parliamentary group of the Social Democratic coalition, member of the parliamentary group for the relations with USA, member of the parliamentary group for the relations with Armenia, member of the parliamentary group for the relations with Republic of Georgia, member of the parliamentary group for the relations with United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, deputy chairman of Seimas delegation to the European Union and the Republic of Lithuanian Joint Parliamentary Committee.
Deputy Chairman of Social Democratic party.

Since 2001 – Minister of Culture.


Minister of Culture

Name and Christian name: HENNICOT-SCHOEPGES Erna
Date and place of birth: July 24th 1941 at Dudelange/Luxembourg
Civil state: Married to Lucien Hennicot since 1966
Mother of thwo daughters and a son


1947-1953 Primary school of Dudelange
1953- 1960 : Secondary school « Lycée de Jeunes Filles » Esch-sur-Alzette
1960: Baccalaureat
1960-1967: Royal Academy of Music, Brussels


1963-1979: Speaker on the Luxembourgish program of Radio
1967-1987: Piano teacher at the Academy of music of Luxembourg City

Political activities:

on the local level 

1976-1987 : Member of the local council of Walferdange
1988-1995 : Mayor of Walferdange

on the national level

Member of Parliament
Chairman of the parliamentary Commission for Education and Culture
1989-1995: President of the Parliament
1995-1999: Member of Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker’s Government
Minister of Education and Vocational training
Minister of Culture
Minister of Cults
August 1999: Member of Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker’s Government
Minister of Culture, Higher Education and Research
Minister of Public Works
1979-1988: National Chairman of the Christian-Social Women (CSF)
1995-2003: National Chairman of the Christian-Social Party (CSV)

on the international level

Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Parliamentary Secretary of the Christian-Democrat Group
Member of the Comission for Migrants and Refugees
Member of the Commission for Education and Culture
1989-1995 : Member of the Congress for Communities and Regions
Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the O.S.C.E.
Président of the International Foundation for the Dialogue between Christians, Jews and Moslems


Mr. Richard MUSCAT


M. Veaceslav MADAN,

Ministre de la culture

Né le 27 novembre 1948, Cojusna, Moldavie


1970-1974 : Institut des Arts de Chisinau, spécialité-metteur en scène

1986-1988 : Ecole Supérieure de théâtre de Moscou

Stage et activité professionnelle

1986-1988: Stage au Théâtre “Lenkom”, Moscou

2000 : Stage de management en USA, Kentucky

1974-1986: Comédien au Théâtre Musical et de Drame “A.S.Pushkin”

1988-1990: Metteur en scène Théâtre rus “A.P.Tcekhov”, Chisinau

1990-1995: Fondateur et directeur artistique du Théâtre “Ginta Latina”, Chisinau

1995-2001: Directeur du Théâtre Rus “A.P.Tcekhov”, Chisinau

de juillet 2001 : Viceministre de la culture

de septembre 2001: Premier viceministre de la culture

de décembre 2001: Ministre de la culture


Conseiller de Gouvernement pour l’Intérieur

DESLANDES (Philippe, Marie, Hubert)
Né le 22 septembre 1946 à Criquetot L’Esneval (Seine Maritime)
Marié, trois enfants

Diplômes :

Ancien élève de l’Ecole Navale
Ancien élève de l’Ecole Nationale d’Administration

Carrière :

Officier de Marine (1967-1976)

Elève à l’Ecole Nationale d’Administration (1976-1978)

Directeur du Cabinet du Préfet de la Drôme (1978)

Sous-Préfet de Bayeux (1979)

Détaché à la Direction des Affaires Economiques du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères (1982-1986)

Chef de Cabinet du Ministre de l’Intérieur (1986-1988)

Directeur de la Sécurité Civile ( 1988-1989)

Vice-Président d’Alcatel International (1990-1993)

Préfet d’Eure et Loire (1994-1995)

Préfet du Val d’Oise (1995-1998)

Conseiller de Gouvernement pour l’Intérieur


Mr. Theodoor H. ADAMS
Director of International Policy, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Theodoor H. Adams (08-11-1948)

Amsterdam University: Musicology

Director a.i. International Policy
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Netherlands

In his previous capacity as Director Cultural Policy he was a.o. responsible for the four-yearly cultural-policy-planning process.

In the framework of the Council of Europe he took active part in the Program “Reviews of National Cultural Policy” (focus: Italy, Slovenia).

He also chaired the first so-called Transversal Review of National Cultural Policy” “, i.e. “National Cultural Institutions in Transition (Fr.: Desetatisation and Privatisation”).


State Secretary of Culture (Vice Minister)
Ministry of Cultural and Church Affairs (Kulturdepartment)


Name: Yngve Slettholm
Address: Oslo
Telephone: 00 47 22 24 78 04
Date of birth: Dec. 28, 1955
Civil Status: Married to Solfrid Slettholm, 4 children (born in 1984, 1985, 1989 and 1995)


1986–1989 : State University of New York, Buffalo, USA: PhD
1974–1980 : Norwegian State Academy of Music: Music Education, Composition


2001 : State Secretary, Ministry of Culture and Church affairs
1996-2001: Assistant Professor (music theory and composition), Norwegian State Academy of Music
1988-1995 : Assistant Professor (music theory and composition), Oslo Music Conservator
1980-2001 : Composer of a large number of works for different ensembles: orchestra, chamber, solo instruments, and symphonic band, choir
1980-1986 : Free-lance flutist



1994- Executive board member/ deputy leader of the Christian Democratic Party in Oslo
1989-2001 : Executive board member/ vice president of TONO (Norwegian performance rights society)
1988-1999 : Executive board member/ vice president of Association of Norwegian Composers
1991-2001 : President/ executive board member of the Remuneration Fund for Composers
1982-1986 : President of Norwegian Association for New Music (ISCM)


Minister of Culture

Minister of Culture –since 5 July 2002

A graduate of the Electronics Faculty of Warsaw Polytechnic, he held scholarships from the British Council, the Goethe Institute and the US Department of State. He also completed Harvard University’s Executive Programme for Leaders in Development. He was the founder and director of the student club Riwiera-Remont (1973-1978), which became well known for its highly original cultural initiatives. It played host at that time to Michelangelo Antonioni, Julio Cortazar, Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrzej Wajda and other outstanding cultural personalities. His student involvement led to the proposal to become deputy director of the Cultural Department of the City of Warsaw, a function he held from 1979 to 1981.

In 1982, together with Jerzy Grzegorzewski, he assumed the management of Warsaw’s Studio Art Centre. There he set up an independent impresario unit promoting leading artists of Poland’s theatre, music and fine-arts scene. In co-operation with Jerzy Maksymiuk and Yehudi Menuhin, he was instrumental in the creation of the Sinfonia Varsovia. He also promoted the Studio’s exhibition activities. He produced more than 70 plays at the Studio Theatre, including the widely acclaimed production, Tamara, the first play in Warsaw to be financed with non-budgetary resources. During that period, the Studio Theatre went on numerous tours and took part in some of the world’s most important theatre festivals. In 1990 he became deputy minister of Culture and Art and head of the Committee of Cinematography. He performed that function for four years and thoroughly reformed Polish cinematography. The summer-holiday Festival of Stars in Międzyzdroje came into being thanks to his initiative.

From 1994 to 1998, Waldemar Dšbrowski served as President of the State Foreign Investment Agency, which was recognised as Europe’s best organisation of its kind at a 1997 trade conference in Chicago.

In September 1998, he became General Director of the Great Theatre-National Opera, working with Jacek Kaspszyk - its artistic and musical director.

He has served as President of the Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts, honorary President of the Polish Golfing Association. A Cavalier of the Officer’s Order of Art and Literature of the French Republic. In April 2001, he was awarded the 'Merited for Warsaw' distinction by the Warsaw City Council.


Dr. Pedro Manuel DA CRUZ ROZETA
Minister of Culture

Born in June, 29th 1943 at Covilhã

Academic Qualification

License on Law

Professional Activities

Secretary General of the Portuguese Catholic University (1972/1973)

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Portugal to OECD (1981/1988)

Member of the National Council for Education (1988/1991)

Invited Professor of three Portuguese Universities (1991/1999)

Member of the National Council of Ethics for the Sciences of Life (1996/2001)

Political Activity

Member of the Constitutional Convention (1975/76). Member of the Portuguese Parliament during the I, II, (1976/81) and V, VI, VII and VIII Legislatures (1988/2002)

Leader of the Parliamentary Group of the Social Democratic Party (1979/1981).

Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee (1990/1991), Culture, Education and Science Committee (1991/1994) of the Portuguese Parliament

Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (1989/2002) and Chairperson of the Committees on Science and Technology and on Culture and Education

Member of the Assembly of Western European Union (1990/2002); Vice-President of the Assembly (1995/1996)

Chairperson of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of PSD (2001/2002)

Minister of Culture since April 2002.


Professeur Räzvan THEODORESCU
Ministre de la Culture

Date et lieu de naissance : Bucarest, le 22 mai 1939
État civil : célibataire, 2 enfants

1955-1963 : Faculté d’Histoire de l’Université de Bucarest (études interrompues entre 1959 et 1961 à cause de l’exclusion de l’Université pour des raisons politiques; pendant ce temps employé comme ouvrier nonqualifié)

A. Activité professionnelle
1963-1987 : Chercheur scientifique à l’Institut de l’Histoire des Arts de l’Académie Roumaine
1968 : Bourse de spécialisation en France
1972 : Docteur en Sciences historiques de l’Université de Bucarest
1972-1977 : Directeur scientifique de l’Institut d’Histoire des Arts de l’Académie Roumaine
1990 : Professeur à l’Université des Beaux Arts de Bucarest
1994-2000 : Secrétaire général de l’Association Internationale d’Études Sud–Est Européennes
1995 : Recteur de l’Académie pour l’Étude de l’Histoire de la Culture et des Religions
1995 : Chef de la chaire UNESCO d’Études Sud-Est Européennes de l’Université des Beaux Arts
2000 : Recteur de l’Université “MEDIA”

B. Membre d’associations professionnelles
Membre correspondant (à partir de 1993) et titulaire (à partir de 2000) de l’Académie Roumaine
Membre correspondant de la Société Archéologique d’Athènes (à partir de 1990)
Membre d’honneur de l’Académie des Scientifiques (à partir de 1997)
Membre de l’Academie de Sciences de New York (à partir de 1998)
Membre correspondant (à partir de 1998) et titulaire (à partir de 2002) de l’Académie Européenne des Sciences, Arts et Lettres
Docteur „honoris causa” de l’Université d’Oradea (1998), de l’Université de Beaux-Arts de Cluj-Napoca (2001), de l’Université de Ouest, de l’Université de Timişoara (2002), de l’Université de Craiova (2002)

C. Fonctions publiques
1990-1992 : Président de la Radiotélévision Roumaine
1992-2000 : Membre du Conseil National de l’Audiovisuel
2000 : Sénateur de Iaşi
2000 : Ministre de la Culture et des Cultes

D. Oeuvres publiées
“Byzance, Balkans, Occident aux commencements de la culture médiévale roumaine (Xe – XIVe siècle)”, Editions de l’Académie, Bucarest, 1974
“Un Millénaire d’art à l’embouchure du Danube (400 - 1400)”, Éditions Meridiane, Bucarest, 1976
“Itinéraires médiévaux, ” Éditions Meridiane, Bucarest, 1979
“La Pierre des Trois Prélats”, Éditions Meridiane, Bucarest, 1979
“Approche de l’Histoire”, Éditions Sport-Tourisme, Bucarest, 1980
“La Civilisation des roumains entre médiéval et moderne. L’horizon de l’image (1550 - 1800)”, I-II, Éditions Meridiane, Bucarest, 1992
“Des voies vers hier”, Éditions de la Fondation Culturelle Roumaine, Bucarest, 1992
“Les 900 jours de la manipulation”, Éditions Tinerama, Bucarest, 1994
“La peinture murale moldave des 15e-16e siècle”, Éditions UNESCO, Bucarest, 1995
“Roumains et Balkaniques dans la civilisation sud-est européenne”,
Éditions Encyclopédique, Bucarest, 1999
“Le brin d’histoire”, Éditions de la Fondation Culturelle Roumaine, Bucarest, 1999
Environ 600 études et articles parus dans des revues en Roumanie et à l’étranger

E. Prix
Prix Bernier de l’Institut de France ; Prix “Nicolae Balcescu” de l’Académie Roumaine ; Prix “Flacara”
Prix “Herder” de l’Université de Vienne ; Prix “Nicolae Iorga” du Centre International Oecuménique pour Dialogue Spirituel  


Mr. Molchanov Denis VLADIMIROVICH

The date and place of birth: 22.05.1968, Tashkent


Graduated from Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov in 1992

Specialty according the education - journalist on international subjects

Ph. D. History

Professional Activity

1991-1992 : Correspondent of the Department of Education,
Newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

1992-1996 : Special correspondent, observer, Department editor of "Literaturnaya Gazeta"

Assistant of the Head of Administration of the President of the
Russian Federation

1998-2001 : Chief of the Department of Public Relations and Culture
of the President of the Russian Federation

2001-up today : The First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation





Mr. Branislav LEČIĆ
Minister of Culture and public information

Born: August 25, 1955 – Šabac, Yugoslavia
Profession: Actor
Marital status: Married / Wife : Ivana / two children

Education: Technical school, Šabac
Faculty of Drama Art, Belgrade
/ class of prof. M. Dedić – graduated 1978 /

Carrier: Member of Yugoslav Drama Theater, from 1980
Performed in over than 60 theater plays, 30 films, 30 TV dramas and serials

Theater “Per Gint” (main), “Patriots” (Lepršić), “Life and Dream”(Sigismund),“Periklo”,“Hamlet”, “Crazy about love”, “Beggar’s Opera”, “Military secret and Secret of the Black hand”,“Little Prince”, “Croatian Faust”, “Madam the Minister”, “A Spring awakening”, …

Film “Special education”, “Brigand”, “Promising gay”, “Life with uncle”, “Deaf powder”, “A Summer to remember”, “Boulevard of Revolution”, “Three tickets to Hollywood”, “Neither on the Sky nor on the Earth”, “Battle on Kosovo”, …

Serials “Grey house”, “Aleksa Santic” (main), “Stories from the factory”, “Vuk Karadžić”, “The Base on Danube”, …

TV drama “Gambling”, “Killer”, “Sirens of Mikošić”, “Traders and lovers”, “Chrysanthemum”, “At the end of the way”, “Bukovsky” – monodrama, …

Director of plays:

“Robbers” – Schiller (Belgrade Drama Theater), “St. George kills the Dragon” – D. Kovačević (National Theater, Athens) and “Balkan’s Rhapsody” (Bitef Theater and Bitef Festival)


”Golden laurel wreath” – MES (Sarajevo, 1987), “Sterija’s award” (Novi Sad, 1987), “Orlando” (Dubrovnik Summer Festival, 1987), “Golden Turkey” (1987), “Golden Arena” (Pula, 1990), Grand Prix “Cele Kula” (Nis, 1990), Grand Prix (Moscow film festival, 1991)

Languages: English

Political : Member of the Parliament of Terazije
engagement: (March 1991, Belgrade / demonstrations)



Professor Vesna KILIBARDA
Minister of Culture

Professor Dr Vesna Kilibarda, graduated with a degree in Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. She received a Masters Degree from the same University and was awarded her Doctoral Degree by the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.

Before her University career she worked as editor for film and international programmes on the Television Titograd (1978-1986). She was then a lector of Serbian-Croatian language for the Slavistic Studies Department at the Universita "La Sapienza" in Roma. Two years she was teaching at the Faculty of Philology in Bari (Italy).

She is a Chief of the department for Italian language and Literature on the Faculty of Philosophy since 1991.

In the field of the comparative researching of Italian-Montenegrin cultural and literary relations she has published three books and some scientific works. She speaks Italian, English and Russian. Before her nomination to the Minister of culture she was the Vice-president of the University of Montenegro. 


Professor Rudolf CHMEL
Minister of Culture

Associate Professor Dr. Rudolf Chmel, DrSc. was born on 11 February 1939 in the city of Plzeň. In 1961 he graduated in Slovak Literature and Language from the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava. In 1992 he received the academic title DrSc. and in 1993 he became an Associate Professor.

From 1961 he worked in the Slovak Academy of Science (SAV) in Bratislava, initially at the SAV Slovak Literature Institute, later, in 1964, he moved to the SAV World Literature and Languages Institute. In 1973 he became a researcher at the SAV Literary Studies Institute. In 1972 - 1982 he was an editor of the Slovenská literatúra [Slovak Literature] journal and from 1982 Secretary of the Czechoslovak Writers Union. In 1988 he became Editor-in-Chief of Slovenské pohľady [Slovak Views] journal.

From June 1990 until 1992 Rudolf Chmel worked as the Czechoslovak Ambassador in Hungary. After his return to Slovakia he went back to the Slovak Academy of Science.

In 1993 - 2000 he held the post of President of the Open Society Fund in Bratislava. He was the founder and the speaker of Slovakia's Intellectuals Forum and Editor-in-Chief of a social and political monthly OS.
As a literary scholar he published a number of studies, articles and monographs from the history of Slovak literature and Slovak-Hungarian literary relationships. He also published a number of monographs, collections and studies from political science.

He taught at Charles University in Prague and at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava.

In the 2002 election he has been elected Member of the Parliament for the ANO (New Citizen Alliance) Party, which has nominated him for the Minister of Culture.

He speaks Russian, Hungarian, Polish and German.

He is married and has four children.


Professor Andreja RIHTER
Minister of Culture

The Minister of Culture, Prof. Andreja Rihter, was born in 1957 in Celje. After matriculating from Celje Grammar School, she studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Ljubljana, from which she graduated in history and sociology in 1981. Since 1981, she has been regularly employed at the Museum of Recent History Celje, as its director since 1986. She has worked actively in numerous professional associations, including as president of the Museums Association of Slovenia and national correspondent of the European Museum Forum.

As editor and author, in co-publication among the Museum of Recent History Celje, Mohorjeva družba and Celje Urban Municipality, she has cooperated in the books Biser na Savinji (Pearl on the Savinja) (1993), Josip Pelikan, Slovene photographer (1996) and Monograph of Celje (1999). She is the founder of »Herman's Den«, the only museum for children in Slovenia, as a unit of the Museum of Recent History. She is co-author of the exhibition »To Live in Celje«, which was opened in March 2000. In 1996, an important cultural monument in Celje, the studio of glass photography of Josip Pelikan (unique in Slovenia) was rescued under her leadership, and at the start of the nineties, a dentistry collection, similarly of unique national importance.

Her professional work has also been connected with active participation at international museum conferences and meetings, and she has also been organiser of international professional meetings in Slovenia. The most recent was in 1999 in Ljubljana, when the Museums Association of Slovenia hosted award of the European Museum of the Year Award. She has received numerous awards and recognitions. In 1992, she received the bronze shield of the City of Celje for her successful leadership of the Celje Museum of Recent History. In 1999, the Museum of Recent History was awarded the silver shield of the City of Celje. In 1993, she received the Švab Award for her efforts towards protecting the heritage in the field of dentistry, and in 1996, the Valvasor Award for her arrangement of the children's museum, Herman's Den. Herman's Den museum for children was nominated for European Museum of the Year.


General Director for International Cultural Cooperation

Actividad profesional
Directora General de Cooperación y Comunicación Cultural, Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte.

Letrada del Consejo de Estado, habiendo estado adscrita a las Secciones 1ª (Presidencia, Asuntos Exteriores y Administraciones Públicas) y 2ª (Justicia).

Comisaria de la Comisión Nacional del Centenario del nacimiento de Joaquín Rodrigo (2000-2001).
Experta de la Unión Europea en el Programa PHARE de Cooperación Jurídica Internacional con los Estados candidatos a la adhesión a la Unión Europea (2001).

Abogada colegiada (no ejerciente en la actualidad) en el Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid.
Experiencia como asesora jurídica en grupo financiero y sociedad de bolsa.

Profesora Asociada de Derecho Internacional Privado en el CEU (curso 1998-99).

Profesora de Prácticas de Derecho Comunitario en la Escuela de Práctica Jurídica de la Universidad CEES (1999).

Formación académica
Licenciada en Derecho por la Universidad de Granada (1981-1986).

Curso de Derecho Internacional Público en la Academia de Derecho Internacional de La Haya.

Master en Operaciones y Servicios Financieros por el Instituto de Estudios Financieros.

Cursos de Doctorado sobre contratación internacional en el Departamento de Derecho Internacional Público y Privado de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad Complutense.

Participación en el Programa Karolus de la Comisión Europea para el Intercambio de funcionarios comunitarios. Estancia en Alemania (septiembre-octubre, 1999) en los Ministerios federales de Economía y de Justicia para el estudio del sistema alemán de contratos de las Administraciones Públicas.

Publicaciones y Conferencias

Diversos trabajos en materia de servicio público, de función pública, responsabilidad patrimonial de la Administración del Estado y contratación de las Administraciones Públicas.


Mrs. Pia ERSON
Cultural Counsellor

1978 : Stockholm School of Economics,
Master of Business and Administration

1978 : Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Researcher

1979 : National Board of Trade, Economist

1986 : Swedish Ministry of Industry, Head of Section

1992 : "Image Sweden" – governmental agency for the international promotion of Sweden, Project Manager

1993 : Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Head of Section

1995 : Ministry of Public Administration, Director

1996 : Ministry of the Interior, Director

1997 : Ministry of Culture, Director

2002 : Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Permanent representation of Sweden to the European Union, Cultural Counsellor


Directeur Office Fédéral de la Culture

Date de naissance : 19 février 1945

Enfance à : Aathal/Oberland zurichois

1957 – 1963 : École cantonale de l’Oberland zurichois, maturité grecque
1963 – 1966 : Études d’histoire de l’art, université de Zurich
1966 – 1972 : Études d’histoire de l’art, université de Vienne

Doctorat ès lettres,
Université de Vienne Thèse « Die Illustration profaner Texte am Hof der Anjou in Neapel von 1270 bis 1380 » (dirigée par le professeur Otto Pächt)

Printemps 1973 – 1977 : Premier directeur à plein temps du Centre suisse du cinéma, à Zurich (sous sa direction, l’association change de statut et devient une fondation)

1977 – 1981 : Freelance en Italie (Volterra)

Pendant ces années-là, mandats en faveur du cinéma suisse (Centre du cinéma/Pro Helvetia/Sorrente) et du Festival du film de Locarno (membre, à partir de 1978, de la Commissione artistica nouvellement fondée et du Comitato esecutivo). Collaboration à temps partiel auprès de la « Fondation pour la photographie » (Conseil de fondation à partir de 1979, collaboration à diverses expositions, monographie consacrée à Gotthard Schuh, parue en 1982 aux éditions Bentelli).

1981 : Nommé Directeur du Festival du film de Locarno

1991 : David Streiff quitte le Festival du film de Locarno pour assumer le poste de Directeur de la « Fondation suisse pour la photographie », dont le siège est à la Kunsthaus de Zurich

Octobre 1993 : Nommé Directeur de l’Office fédéral de la culture


Minister of Culture

Name: Blagoj Stefanovski

Born: 7 March 1953

Marital status: Married / one son

Current position : Minister of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia (since1 November 2002)

Work address:bul. Ilinden bb, 1000 Skopje, R.Macedonia

Phones: 00 389 2 214-525, 128-150

Fax: 00 389 2 226 - 920


Educational background:


Work experience:

1975 - Actor of the National Theatre in Bitola

1980 - 2002 (till 1 November 2002) - Director and actor of the National Theatre in Bitola. During his term the Theatre won the most outstanding national and international awards.



1989/90 : President, International Festival for Film Camera " Manaki Brothers"

1992 : Selector of the Ohrid Summer Festival

1996/97 : President of the Council of Ohrid Summer Festival

January 2003 : President of the UNESCO National Commission

Political background:



Russian and English


Dr. Hũseyin ÇELİK
Ministre de la Culture
Député de Van
Prénom: Hüseyin
Titre: Maître de conférence
Profession: Membre du Corps Enseignant, Directeur Général
Lieu de Naissance: Van - Gürpınar
Date de Naissance: 1959


Le Maître de conférence Dr Hüseyin Çelik est né en 1959 dans la sous-préfecture Gürpınar dépendant de la province de Van. Diplômé en 1983 de la Faculté de Lettres de l’Université d’Istanbul. Il a commencé la même année à travailler en tant qu’assistant à l’Université Yüzüncü Yıl. En 1987, il est entré dans le cadre de l’Université d’Istanbul. Il s’est rendu en Angleterre entre 1988-1991 pour effectuer des recherches pour son doctorat. En même temps, il a poursuivi, à l’Université de Londres, un programme de maîtrise dans le « Département Tukrkish Politics à The School of Oriental and African Studies. »

Il s’est rendu en Belgique, Pays-Bas, Allemagne, Autriche, Suisse, Italie et France afin d’effectuer des recherches sur “La Société des Nouveaux Ottomans” qui est le premier mouvement politique en Turquie. En 1991, il a terminé son doctorat ayant pour sujet “Ali Suavi et son Epoque”. En 1992, il devint Maître de conférence adjoint à l’Université Yüzüncü Yıl et Maître de Conférence en 1997.

Il fut élu député de Van du DYP (Parti de la Juste Voie) aux élections du 18 avril 1999. Le 3 juillet 2001, il démissionna du DYP pour prendre place parmi les fondateurs du Parti AK (Parti de la Justice et du Développement ). Actuellement député de Van, il assume la fonction de Ministre de la Culture au 58ème gouvernement de la République de Turquie.

Hũseyin Çelik, qui a publié 15 ouvrages sur les courants intellectuels et politiques, la culture turque, l’histoire politique, la littérature turque et les problèmes actuels du pays, est marié et père de trois enfants. Il connaît l’anglais.


Mr.Yuri Petrovitch BOHUTSKIY
Minister of Culture and Art

Born September 24, 1952, Kherson region.

Education: In 1971 graduated from Kherson School of Culture; in 1975 graduated from Kyiv State Institute of Culture; In 1986 graduated from High Party School of CPSU.
Specialities: Director, organiser of club-house activities of high qualification, politologist.

Began to work in 1975 in the Textile workers’ Palace of culture, Kherson. During the period 1977-91 - comsomol worker in Kherson and party worker in Kyiv. In August, 1991 he was appointed Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine, in 1992-94 years Aide to the President of Ukraine, and in 1994-95 - alternate professor in the Institute of skills improvement of the workers of culture. In 1995 - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Arts Development Promotion Fund in Kiev. 1995-1999 - adviser, assistant of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. In January-August 1999, he was the Head of the Humanitarian issues Department of the Administration of the President of Ukraine, and since August 1999 - Minister of Culture and Arts of Ukraine. Since January 1999 till May 2001- Deputy Chief of the Administration of the President of Ukraine - Head of the Central Department on Internal policy. By the decree of the President of Ukraine from May 30, 2001 he is appointed the Minister of culture and arts of Ukraine.
Honoured worker of arts, professor, academic of the Ukrainian Arts’ Academy, candidate of philosophical science.


Minister for Culture, Sport and the Welsh language

Jenny Randerson, AM for Cardiff Central was appointed as the first National Assembly Culture and Sports Minister responsible for arts, sports, libraries, museums and the Welsh Language with the formation of the Liberal Democrat – Labour partnership Government in October 2000, since July 2002 she has also been Acting Deputy First Minister.

Educated at Bedford College, London University, Jenny's early career as a History and Economics teacher at Llanishen High School in Cardiff progressed to her becoming a lecturer and manager at Coleg Glan Hafren, Cardiff until she was elected to the Assembly in may 1999.

In the first 18 months of the Assembly she was Liberal Democrat Business Manager and and Education spokesperson. Her role as the former Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Arts, Culture and Sport and on the bidding Committee to bring the Commonwealth Games to Cardiff in the 1980's provides a strong background for this high profile portfolio introduced as part of the new partnership Agreement.

Jenny was a Cardiff Councillor for 18 Years and prior to election to the National Assembly for Wales, she was a JP and a former Leader of the Opposition on Cardiff County Council. Jenny Randerson is married with two adult children and lives in her Cardiff Central Constituency. Her interests include travelling and gardening, attending theatre and concerts and her family are keen amateur musicians.

As Culture Minister she unveiled the Welsh Government’s first Culture Strategy “Creative Future - Cymru Greadigol” in February 2002. Her Ministerial priorities include strengthening the resource base available for culture, developing culture as a cross cutting issue which impacts on economic growth, community development and Wales’ international profile and ensuring adequate support for the Welsh language and the development of bi-lingualism in Wales.

Committee of Ministers
of the Council of Europe

Comité des Ministres
du Conseil de l’Europe

Ambassadeur Extraordinaire et Plénipotentiaire
Représentant Permanent de la Lituanie auprès du Conseil de l’Europe

Né le 2 août 1952 à Vilnius (Lituanie)
Marié, à Ramune BERNOTIENNE,
Deux enfants : un fils et une fille


1970 - 1975: Diplôme de chimie à l’Université de Vilnius (Lituanie)

1985: Doctorat de l’Institut polytechnique de Kaunas, Doctorat en chimie organique,
Kaunas (Lituanie)

1992-1993: Certificat d’études internationales, Université d’Oxford (Royaume-Uni)


1975–1991: Chercheur à la Faculté de chimie, Université de Vilnius (Lituanie)

1991–1992: Chef de la Division pour l’Asie, l’Afrique et l’Océanie au Ministère des affaires
étrangères, Vilnius (Lituanie)

1992–1993: Vice-ministre des affaires étrangères

1993–1995: Chef de la Division de l’Europe occidentale, Haut fonctionnaire au Conseil des
Etats de la mer Baltique, Ministère des affaires étrangères

1997-1998: Secrétaire d’Etat aux affaires étrangères, Ministère des affaires étrangères

1998–1999: Ministre adjoint des affaires étrangères, Ministère des affaires étrangères

1999– Représentant permanent de la République de Lituanie auprès du Conseil de
l’Europe à Strasbourg, Représentant de la Lituanie au Conseil de direction de la Banque de développement du Conseil de l’Europe.


Travaux de recherches en Chimie, 11 certificats d’invention, articles dans le domaine des relations internationales et de la culture orientale


Anglais, Russe, Polonais, Italien et Allemand (connaissances modestes)

Parliamentary Assembly
of the Council of Europe

Assemblée Parlementaire
du Conseil de l’Europe


Président de la sous-commission du patrimoine culturel de l’APE.
Français- Rassemblement pour la République

Né le 2.12.1941
Membre du Sénat
Membre de l’Assemblée parlementaire du conseil de l’Europe depuis 1995 (GDE)

Adresse : Palais du Luxembourg, 75 291 Paris, Cedex 06
Tel : 03 27 73 21 00
Fax : 03 37 73 21 04

Marié, 3 enfants

Licence, CAPES, DES de Lettres modernes
Agrégation d’Histoire

1973-88 : Député du Nord

avril 1977-mai 1981 : Secrétaire d’Etat à la Formation professionnelle

1977-1992 : Maire de Cambrai (démission en 1992 en raison du cumul des mandats)

Membre du Conseil Régional Nord-Pas de Calais

Depuis 1986 : Conseiller régional, Président du Groupe Union pour la France (1992-98)

Depuis 1992 : Sénateur du Nord
Maire-adjoint de Cambrai
Président de la Communauté des Villes de Cambrai

Depuis 1992 Rapporteur général de la Commission départementale de coopération intercommunaute du Nord
Président d’Honneur de l’association des Maires du Nord

Depuis 1995 : Président du Comité d’Orientation de l’Institut de la Décentralisation
Secrétaire Général de l’Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie

A l’Assemblée parlementaire :

Membre de la sous-commission du patrimoine culturel

Membre de la sous-commission des migrations

Congress of Local and regional Authorities of Europe (CLRAE)

CongrÈs des Pouvoirs Locaux et Régionaux de l’Europe (CPLRE)


Queen's Commissioner for the province of Limburg
President of the Culture and Education Committee
of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities

Baron Berend-Jan Marie van Voorst tot Voorst was born on 7 February 1944 at Beek in the municipality of Ubbergen, province of Gelderland. After attending a pre-university school (classics), he went on to read Dutch law at Nijmegen University, graduating in 1968. From 1964 to 1965 he studied political science at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

He was employed by the European Integration Department of the Directorate General for Foreign Economic Relations at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1968 and 1969. During 1969 he was on the staff of Mr. Sassen, a member of the Commission of the European Communities, and on the staff of the Ministry of Finance, resuming his post at the Ministry of Economic Affairs from 1970 to 1971.

From 1971 to 1977 he was a member of the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands at the European Communities.

From 1977 to 1980 he was Deputy Director of Bilateral Affairs at the Directorate General for Foreign Economic Relations of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Between 1981 and 1985 he was employed as Deputy Chef de Cabinet to Mr. F. Andriessen, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities.

From 1985 to 1988 he was Deputy Director General for Foreign Economic Relations of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

On 27 September 1988 he was appointed State Secretary for Foreign Affairs with special responsibility for European Affairs, in the second government under Prime Minister Lubbers. On 7 September 1989 he was elected to Member of Parliament for the Christian Democratic Party CDA. On 7 November 1989 he was appointed State Secretary for Defence in the third government under Prime Minister Lubbers.

On 2 July 1993 he was appointed Queen's Commissioner for the province of Limburg.

Baron van Voorst tot Voorst was appointed Commandeur in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau on 20 August 1993.
On 30 June 1995 mr. B.J.M. baron van Voorst tot Voorst was appointed Grand Officer of the order of the Crown of Belgium.

Baron van Voorst tot Voorst is married and has three children.

European Union

Union Européenne



Observer States

Etats Observateurs


Mr Christopher DAVIS
Consul General

Name: Christopher Davis
Present Position: Consul Général, Consulate General, Strasbourg
Foreign service grade: FS-01
Date/Place of birth : 10 January 1949, Newport News, Virginia
Name of spouse: Marguerite M.Davis


Ph.D, University of Pittsburgh, 1984, Anthropology
B.A, University of Maryland, 1971

Foreign Language:

French, Russian

Foreign service Experience:

2000-2002: Officer-in-Charge France Desk
EUR/WE, Department of State

1998-2000: Deputy Chief of Mission, US
Embassy, Lomé, Togo

1996-1998: Consul (Pol/Econ Officer)
American Consulate General
Vladivostock, Russia

1995-1996: Foreign Service Institute, Russian
Language training and Area Studies

1992-1995: Political Officer, US.Embassy,
Antanarivo, Madagascar

1990-1992: Counterterrorism Analyst, Bureau of Intelligence and Research
Department of State

1989-1990: Staff Assistant, Bureau of African Affairs, Department of State

1987-1989: Political Officer, US Embassy, Conakry, Guinea

1985-1987: Political/Consular Officer, US. Embassy, N’Djamena, Chad


Meritorious Honor Award-2002
Superior Honor Award-2000
Performance Cash Award-1998
L’Ordre National Malagasy-1995
Superior Honor Award-1993
Group Superior Honor Award-1992
Meritorious Honor Award-1992
Meritorious Honor Award-1989


Mme Marie BEDARD
Conseillère spéciale - Bureau du Sous-Ministre Adjoint
Affaires internationales et intergouvernementales
Patrimoine canadien (French version only)

Madame Marie Bédard détient un certificat en sciences politiques (relations internationales), et un baccalauréat ès arts (géographie) de l’Université Laval, Québec.

Madame Bédard possède une vaste expérience gouvernementale. Elle a débuté sa carrière comme conseillère en politique au sein du gouvernement du Québec.

De 1985 à 1988, elle à été conseillère au Ministre des Transports et de développement régional du Québec. Elle a aussi occupé les postes de vice-présidente des communications et de présidente – directrice générale de l’Office de la protection du consommateur du Québec.

De 1998-2001, elle a assumé les fonctions de directrice générale des communications du Ministère d’Industrie Canada.

En 2002, Madame Bédard était la directrice exécutive du Secrétariat 2004-2008 au Ministère du Patrimoine canadien. Depuis janvier 2003, elle occupe le poste de conseillère spéciale au bureau du sous-ministre adjoint, affaires internationales et intergouvernementales, du Ministère du Patrimoine canadien.


Mr Hidekazu Yamaguchi
Consul General
Permanent Observer with the Council of Europe

Mr Yamaguchi was born in 1948, in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan.

In 1971 he was admitted to the entry examination for Career Diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1972 he received his Diploma from the Faculty of Liberal Arts at the University of Tokyo and, in the same year, entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr Yamaguchi was posted as First Secretary to the Japanese Embassies in Egypt and in France, in 1981 and 1984 respectively. In 1986, he was appointed Deputy Director of the Political Service, Office of the United Nations (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and in 1998, worked in the Archive Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1992 , Mr Yamaguchi joins Japanese Embassy in Sweden, as Councillor. In 1995, he is appointed Minister at the Japanese Embassy in Argentina.

During 1997, Mr Yamaguchi worked as a researcher for the Japan Highway Public Corporation, an organism attached to the Ministry of Construction, in Japan. In 1999 Mr Yamaguchi was appointed Executive Director of the Japan International Labour Foundation

In April 2001, Mr Yamaguchi is appointed Consul General of Japan in Strasbourg, head of the Permanent Observer Mission of Japan with the Council of Europe.


M. Carlos Salaza-Diez DE SOLLAN
Observateur Permanent Adjoint auprès du Conseil de l’Europe

University of Rome, “La Sapienza”, Faculty of Political Science
Doctorate in Political Science
Doctoral dissertation: “The Relationship between Mexico and the European Union” Rome, 1998
Pontificia Universitas Urbaniana, Faculty of Philosophy
Masters in Philosophy
Master dissertation: “Augusto Del Noce: Interpreter of Modernity” Rome, 1994

Professional Experience
Since May 2001, appointed as Chief of the Mexican Mission in Strasbourg and Deputy Permanent Observer of Mexico to the Council of Europe

2000-2001 : Member of the “Reform of the State Commission,” Mexico

1998-2001 : Director of the International Relations Office, Partido Acción Nacional (Pan), Mexico –covering also the campaign of Vicente Fox, Pan’s Presidential Candidate (Nov. 1999 to July 2000)

1998-2001 : Professor of International Relations Theory, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus

1991-2001 : Managing Director, The Phoenix Institute (New York), organizer of the following programs:

1999 - August Conference on: “The Crisis of Ideologies and the Third Way,”
Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus

1997 - Summer Program on Perspectives for the Study of Economic Science,
(in conjunction with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Germany),
Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain

1996 - Summer Program on Modernity, Relativism and Cultural Revival,
Oxford University, England

1996 - March, Conference on: “The Polis and the Market,” El Escorial, Spain

1995 - Summer Program for the Study of Western Institutions,
University of Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.A.

1995 - April, Conference on: “The Moral Crisis of Western Democracies”
(in conjunction with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Germany), Rome, Italy

1994 - July, Negotiation Workshop by the Harvard Negotiation Project,
University of Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.A.

1993 - April, Conference on: “University and Modernity,”
International Academy of Philosophy, Principality of Liechtenstein

1992 - Summer Program for the Study of Western Institutions,
University of Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.A.

1991 -Course of Lectures on Education to Politics, Offices of the European Parliament,
Rome, Italy

1994-1996 Secretariat of International Relations, Cristiani Democratici Uniti,
former Partito Popolare Italiano, Rome, Italy


«La relación México–Estados Unidos,» in Documentos de Trabajo, Mesa VI: Comisión de Estudios para la Reforma del Estado, México 2001 ; «Interés Nacional e Identidad Propia,» in México en el Mundo del Siglo XXI, México, 2001, Año 2, No. 7; «Elections in Mexico: The Impact on U.S.–Mexican Relations,» in The Heritage Foundation: Heritage Lectures, Washington, 2000, No. 670; «Las relaciones entre México y la Unión Europea,» in Actos de la Conferencia del Centenario del Natalicio de Efraín González Luna, Guadalajara 1998


M. Yitzhak ELDAN
Chargé des Relations avec le Conseil de l’Europe

M Eldan est né au Maroc en 1943 et il a emigré en 1956 pour s'installer au Kibboutz Tirat Tzivi dans la vallée de Beit shean. apres avoir fait ses études secondaires au lycée d’Afula, il a fait son service militaire.

En 1965, il obtient une licence de sciences politiques et d’histoire du moyen orient à l’université hebraique de Jérusalem et en 1981 il obtient une maîtrise en relations internationales a l’Université de Paris.

De 1969 à 1972, il fut assistant de recherche au département des études africaines.

En 1970, Il rejoint le ministère des affaires étrangères ou il remplit plusieurs fonctions notamment au sein du département d’Europe et des départements scientifiques et culturel.

En 1995, il a été nomme directeur du département de la formation des ressources humaines et responsable des jeunes diplomates et de leur formation ainsi que de celle du reste du personnel diplomatique.

A l’étranger, Mr Eldan a occupé les postes du Vice-Consul 0 Houston de 1973 a 1974, de porte parole de l’ambassade d’Israël à Paris entre 1974 et 1978, de Consul à Montréal entre 1982 et 1985, de Consul général adjoint à Los Angeles entre 1985 et 1987, de Ministre plénipotentiaire à Paris entre 1990 et 1995, de délègue permanent d’Israël à Copenhague en 1994 et Ambassadeur d’Israël à Copenhague en 1999. En Août 2001, M.Eldan a été nomme Ambassadeur des relations internationalisation le Conseil de l’Europe.

M.Eldan qui est marié à Béatrice a deux filles Caroline et Karine.

Il est également Chevalier dans l’ordre des Palmes Académiques et auteur de deux brochures ‘le code éthique du service diplomatique Israélien’ et ‘la formation du personnel diplomatique en Israël’.




Mr Behxhet BRAJSHORI (Minister)

Behxhet Brajshori is from Pristina. He graduated from the Economic Faculty, Pristina University. Mr. Brajshori received Master’s Degree in Economics. He joined LDK in 1990 and in 1993 became the president of the first LDK branch.

After the liberation, he worked in Kosovo Joint Interim Administrative Structure (JIAS) as Co-Head of the Administrative Department of Public Services. In October 2001 he was elected a deputy to the Kosovo Assembly.

On 4-th of March 2002 Mr. Brajshori was appointed to the post he currently holds, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports in the Provisional Institutions of Self Government of Kosovo.

Mr Biyyala V.P. RAO (Principal International Officer)

Biyyala V.P. Rao was born in India in 1954. He graduated in Commerce and Law and received MA in Strategic Studies. In 1982 he joined Indian Administrative Service. Since then he held different positions in the Federal Government of India and in the State Government of Assam. He served as the Head of District (Municipality) and the Head of Division (Region). Mr. Rao has also worked for six years as Permanent Secretary to the Government of Assam, which included tenure of about three years as Secretary Interior.

His vivid interest in culture and sports over the years culminated in making a documentary film and the honor to represent India in equestrian sports.


M. Lahcene Kaïd SLIMANE


M. Mohammed Alaoui BELRHITI


M. Ali Ben MALEK

Other Observers

Autres observateurs


Mme Katérina STENOU
Directrice de la Division des politiques culturelles et du dialogue interculturel
Secteur de la culture

D’origine grecque, Katérina Stenou a fait ses études supérieures de philosophie à l’Université d’Athènes avant de suivre une formation pluridisciplinaire en sciences sociales à Bruxelles et à Paris. Elle est titulaire d’un doctorat en sciences de l’éducation soutenu en 1990 en Sorbonne (Université de Paris V) et consacré à l’éducation interculturelle des adolescents issus de la migration grecque en Belgique.

En poste à l’Ambassade de Grèce en Belgique de 1980 à 1983, puis Conseillère à la Délégation permanente de la Grèce auprès de l’UNESCO entre 1983 et 1991, Mme Stenou est aujourd’hui Directrice de la Division des politiques culturelles et du dialogue interculturel au Secteur de la culture de l’UNESCO.

Elle fait partie de différentes institutions de recherche sur le pluralisme culturel, les relations interculturelles, la relation entre diversité, dialogue et développement, et intervient régulièrement dans des colloques, séminaires et tables-rondes consacrées à ces sujets.

Sa production scientifique, centrée sur la problématique des sociétés multiculturelles actuelles, comporte de nombreux articles et plusieurs livres dont le dernier Images de l’Autre, la différence : du mythe au préjugé a été publié en 1998 en coédition par les Presses de l’UNESCO et les Editions du Seuil.












Mrs Anne-Marie FRANCHI

Anne-Marie Franchi is a specialist in education, secularism and Europe and she has written widely on these subjects. Trained at the Collège de France, she does voluntary work for the International League for Child and Adult Education.

Anne-Marie Franchi is also Vice-Chair of the Liaison Committee of Council of Europe-approved NGOs, and Honorary Vice-Chair of the Ligue Française de l’Enseignement et de l’Education Permanente. She is a former member of the National Curriculum Board and conducts regular analyses, surveys and research projects on education.

The Consul General of Japan


Professor Johan GALTUNG
dr hc mult, Professor of Peace Studies
Director, TRANSCEND: A Peace and Development Network

Born 1930 in Oslo, Norway
PhD mathematics 1956, sociology 1957
Founder, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo 1959
Founder, Journal of Peace Research, 1964

Recent publications:

The Way is the Goal: Gandhi Today, Ahmedabad 1992/98, 224pp.
Global Glasnost (with Rick Vincent), New Jersey 1992, 271pp.
Buddhism: A Quest for Unity and Peace Colombo 1993, 138pp.
Eurotopia: Die Zukunft eines Kontinents Wien 1993, 179pp.
Nach dem kalten Krieg: Jesus oder Barabbas Zuerich 1993, 160pp.
Human Rights In Another Key Cambridge: Polity, 1994, 184pp.
Frankfurt: Suhrkamp 1994; Milano: CreaCommercio 1997; Oslo:
Humanist, 1997; Lisboa: Inst Piaget, 1998; Istanbul: Metis 2000.
Taiwa: Heiwaeno Sentaku (Dialogue: Choose Peace, with Daisaku Ikeda)
Tokyo, Mainichi, 1995, 376pp.; London: Pluto, 1995; Milano: Crea-
Commercio 1996; Seoul: Shin Young, 1997; Bangkok: Kled Thai, 1997
Investigaciones teoricas: Sociedad y Cultura Contemporanea,
Madrid: Tecnos y Inst de Cultura Juan Gil Albert, 1995, 464pp.
Peace By Peaceful Means (London, New Delhi: SAGE, 1996), 280pp.
Opladen: Leske&Burkhardt, Seoul: 2000 Milano: Esperia, 2000
Global Projections of Deep-Rooted U.S. Pathologies, Fairfax: ICAR,
George Mason University, 1996, 52pp.
Macrohistory and Macrohistorians, with Sohail Inayatullah,
Westport CT, London, 1997: Praeger, 1997), 274pp.
Der Preis der Modernisierung, Wien, ProMedia, 1997, 215pp.
Conflict Transformation By Peaceful Means, Geneva: UN 1998, 37pp.
Die andere Globalisierung, Muenster: Agenda Verlag, 1998, 254pp.
3R: Reconstruccion, Resolucion, Reconciliacion, Gernika, 1998
Nippon wa Kikika (Is Japan in A Crisis?, with Ikuro Anzai)
Kyoto: Kamogawa, 1999, 124pp.
Die Zukunft der Menschenrechte, Frankfurt: Campus/Expo 2000, 248pp.
(with CG Jacobsen): Searching for Peace, London: Pluto, 2000, 290pp.
Conflict Transformation By Peaceful Means, Geneva: UN 2000, 189pp.
Johan uten land (autobiography), Oslo: Ascheoug, 2000, 432pp.

Holder of:
Right Livelihood Award (aka Alternative Nobel Peace Prize), 1987
Socrates Prize for Adult Education, 1990
Bajaj International Award for Promoting Gandhian Values, 1993
Norwegian Literary Prize Brage, 2000
Norsk Sosiologforenings Hederspris, 2001
Dr honoris causa, University of Tampere, 1975, peace studies
Dr honoris causa, University of Cluj, 1976, future studies
Dr honoris causa, Uppsala University, 1987, social sciences
Dr honoris causa, Soka University, Tokyo, 1990, peace/buddhism
Dr honoris causa, Universitaet Osnabrueck, 1995, peace studies
Dr honoris causa, Universita di Torino, 1998, sociology of law
Dr honoris causa, FernUniversitaet Hagen, 2000, philosophy
Dr honoris causa, Universidad de Alicante, 2001, sociology
Profesor honorario, Universidad de Alicante, Alicante, 1981
Honorarprofessor, Freie Universitaet Berlin, 1984-1993
Honorary professor, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 1986
Honorarprofessor, Universitaet Witten/Herdecke, Witten, 1993

Professor Jean PETAUX

Date and place of birth: November 8th 1957, Angers, France

Nationality : French


Degree from the Institute of Political Sciences, Bordeaux, France, 1978.
Master’s degree in Political Science, title of the thesis: « Local Government – Local Administration », 1979.
Ph. D. in Political Science, title of the thesis: « Political change in local government : local administration in Nantes », summa cum laude, Institute of Political Sciences, Bordeaux, France, 1982.
Accreditation to supervise research in Political Science with distinction, 1996.


Current positions :

Director, Communication and External Relations Department, Institute of Political Sciences, Bordeaux, France.

Professor in charge of courses in : general culture, initial training, training for Civil servants’ competitive entry examinations, professional training, Institute of Political Sciences, Bordeaux, France.

Director of post-graduate research activities and responsible for the following workshops: « Local analysis of Political Science » (Graduate studies) and « Questions and Theorical Lectures » , Institute of Political Sciences, Bordeaux, France.

Fellow professor in Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve, (Belgium) and in Faculté Franco-Biélorusse de Science politique de Minsk (Bélarus)

Associated Professor, co-director, International School of Political Sciences, Katowice, (Poland).

Member of the Scientific Council of Faculté Franco-Biélorusse de Science politique de Minsk (Bélarus)


« Parachutage », in PERRINEAU (Pascal), REYNIE (Dominique), « Dictionnaire du vote », PUF, 2001, 680 p.

« Public opinion of member-states facing the widening of the European Union : searching for the lost voice », conference given in the 1st Seminar concerning Poland’s joining the E.U., Business High School in Katowice-Dabrowie Gorniczej, Poland, march 2000 (edited in WODZ (Jacek), « Unia Europejska, Wyzwania dla Polski », Wyzsa Skola Biznesu Dabrowie Gorniczej, 2000, pp.61-71.)

« Poland in the in-between », Conference given at the french « Ecole des Mines » of Saint-Etienne (Loire), april 2000.

« Political careers of Urban leaders in France : the example of the "carpet-bagging à la française" process », Communication in the 30th International Meeting of « Urban Affairs Association », Los Angeles, 2nd – 6th may 2000.

« Travels make Europe : instrumentalisation of youth and European exchanges », conference given in the 2nd Seminar concerning Poland’s joining the E.U, Business High School Katowice-Dabrowie Gorniczej, march 2001.

« The Master of South-West. Votes in Aquitaine in 2001 », Editions Golias, Villeurbane, 2001, 96 p.

Council of Europe Secretariat

Secrétariat du Conseil de l’Europe





Née le 28/12/1944 à Hoensbroek (Pays-Bas)
Mariée, deux fils

Education primaire et secondaire (lycée) à Deventer
1963-1965 : Etudes de langue et littérature françaises – Université de Leiden
1965-1969 : Etudes de droit – Université de Leiden (droit privé, public et pénal ; droit des organisations internationales, droit social)
1969 : Diplôme de Droit. Doctorat. Sujet de thèse : l’égalité de traitement, (Article 119 du Traité de Rome)

Sept 2002 : Secrétaire Générale adjointe du Conseil de l’Europe
1998-2002 : Greffière adjointe de la Cour européenne des Droits de l’Homme
1992 : Secrétaire de la Première Chambre de la Commission européenne des Droits de l’Homme – Adjointe au Secrétaire de la Commission Européenne des Droits de l’Homme
1990 : Chef de Division du Secrétariat de la Commission européenne des Droits de l’Homme
1977 : Juriste principale au sein du Secrétariat de la Commission européenne des Droits de l’Homme – Division de la jurisprudence et de la recherche
1972-77 : Membre du Cabinet du Secrétaire Général du Conseil de l’Europe 
1969-71 : Membre du Secrétariat juridique de la Commission européenne des Droits de l’Homme – Division des Requêtes

Couramment : néerlandais, anglais, français, italien, allemand
Bonnes connaissances : espagnol, portugais

Sexual discrimination and the European Convention on Human Rights, Human Rights Law Journal (1985)
Procedure en Praktijk bij de Europese Commissie voor de Rechten van de Mens, Tijdschrift voor Familie- en Jeugdrecht (1986)
The European Commission on Human Rights, Emory Journal of International dispute Resolution (1987)
Tax matters and the European Convention on Human Rights, Taxation and Human Rights, A survey of case-law, International Fiscal Association (1987)
Children and the European Convention on Human Rights, Studies in honour of Mr Wiarda, Carl Heymanns Verlag (1988)
Informationsfreiheit und die audio-visuelle Revolution, (co-author Mr H.C. Krüger), Rundfunk und Fernsehen, Hans Bredow-Institut (1989)
Racial discrimination and the European Convention on Human Rights, Council of Europe (1989)
Equality between the sexes and the European Convention on Human Rights, Human rights Files No. 14, Council of Europe (1994)
Interim Measures by the European Commission on Human Rights (1995), in “the Birth of European Human Rights Law”, Nomos Verlaggesellschaft
The Direct Effect of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Rights of Children in Monitoring Children's Rights, Kluwer Law International (1996)
The impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on the Rights of Children, Ediciones Universidad, Salamanca (1996)
Les Droits de l’Enfant dans le cadre de la Convention européenne des Droits de l’Homme vus dans la perspective de la Convention des Nations Unies (1997), Revue Droit en Quart Monde (Belgique), n° 17
The protection of Children’s Rights in Europe and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1997), the Protection of Human Rights: the European Perspective, Studies in memory of Rolv Ryssdal (Carl Heymanns)I componimenti bonari nel quadro della Convenzione europea dei dritta dell’ uomo (2000), in “Commentario alla Convenzione europea per la protezione dei diritti umani e delle libertà fondamentali”, to be published by CEDAM (Milano)Health and migration (2000), in Health, Migration and Return, TMC Asser press