Convention No.196

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Meetings of the Former Committee of Experts on Special Investigations Techniques in relation to Acts of Terrorism

3rd meeting, Strasbourg, 22-24 September 2003

The PC-TI held its third and last meeting from 22 to 24 September 2003. It considered and adopted the draft final report prepared by the scientific expert on the basis of the guidelines provided by the Committee during its second meeting.

In accordance with its terms of reference, the Committee also addressed the question on the feasibility of preparing an appropriate instrument on special investigation techniques in relation to acts of terrorism and adopted its conclusions.

The report and the conclusions of the PC-TI were examined by the Committee of Experts on Terrorism (CODEXTER), which held its meeting on 27-30 October 2003. The report and the conclusions will be examined by the European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC) during its plenary meeting (15-19 March 2004).

2nd meeting, Strasbourg, 2-4 July 2003

At its second meeting, held in Strasbourg from 2 to 4 July 2003, the Committee PC-TI examined the replies received to its “questionnaire on the regulation and use of special investigation techniques in relation to acts of terrorism” and in particular the preliminary analysis of these replies, prepared by the scientific experts. Further to its discussions related to this analysis, the PC-TI elaborated and adopted guidelines in order to provide steering to the scientific experts in the drafting of a final report. The examination of the draft final report will be the subject of the third meeting of the PC-TI, which will take place from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 of September 2003.

1st meeting, Strasbourg, 14-16 April 2003

At its first meeting, held in Strasbourg from 14 to 16 April 2003, the Committee elected its Chair as well as a Vice-Chair. It examined its terms of reference and agreed on its working methods. The PC-TI decided, in particular, to send out a questionnaire to all Council of Europe member States and to the observer States represented in the Committee, with a view to gathering relevant information on the regulation and use of Special Investigation Techniques. Replies to this questionnaire will be examined during the second meeting of the PC-TI which will be held in Strasbourg from 2 to 4 July 2003.