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Council of Europe anti-corruption Group calls on states to strengthen corruption prevention concerning parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors
In its annual report published today, the Council of Europe anti-corruption group (GRECO) calls on European states to bolster the legal and institutional capacity of their parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors in order to prevent and unequivocally address corruption in their own ranks. GRECO concludes that these three professional groups need to better internalise prevention corruption as part of their daily jobs and be proactive in developing precise and transparent codes of conduct reinforced by credible mechanisms of supervision and sanction. (more...)

Committee of Ministers: decisions on execution of European Court of Human Rights judgments
[06/06/2013] Today the Committee of Ministers published decisions and resolutions adopted in the course of its supervision of the execution of European Court judgments (see list in our press release of 24 May), which relate to Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Provisional texts are currently available through the Media Relations Division. Final versions of the decisions will be available shortly on the Committee of Ministers’ website. (more...)
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Romania: the Committee of Ministers welcome the adoption of the reform of the mechanism allowing compensation or restitution of nationalised properties in response to the pilot judgment of the European Court in the case of Maria Atanasiu and others

Council of Europe alerts governments on risks of digital tracking and surveillance

[12/06/2013] The Council of Europe today alerted its 47 member states to the risks of digital tracking and other surveillance technologies for human rights, the rule of law and democracy, and recalled the need to ensure their legitimate use. In a Declaration issued to governments, the Committee of Ministers say that legislation allowing for overly broad surveillance of citizens can challenge their privacy and have a chilling effect on their freedom of expression and the freedom of the media.

Capacity building of the law enforcement agencies for appropriate treatment of detained and sentenced persons – Launching conference of a new Joint Programme between the European Union and Council of Europe

[14/06/2013] On 14 June, Ms Verena Taylor, the Director of the ODG-PROG will speak in the name of the Council of Europe and share the opening of the launching event together with Ms Gordana Jankuloska, Minister for Internal Affairs and Mr Blerim Bexheti, Minister of Justice for the project is entitled “Capacity Building of the Law Enforcement Agencies for Appropriate Treatment of Detained and Sentenced Persons” (Read more ...)

Venice Commission opinion critical of Hungary’s constitutional changes, but welcomes government readiness to make certain revisions

[14/06/2013] The European Commission for Democracy Through Law – the Council of Europe’s constitutional experts known as the “Venice Commission” – today issued an opinion that was critical of Hungary’s Fourth Amendment to its Fundamental Law, but welcomed the announcement of the Hungarian government to make certain revisions. (Read more)

European Dialogue on Internet Governance: How to serve the public interest

[20/06/2013] How to keep the Internet safe, free and open? What are the implications of privacy and e-commerce for children and young people ? What is the public interest ? Under which jurisdiction(s) are European citizens online ? How can governments, industry and users fight cybercrime and safeguard cybersecurity ? Who makes money with content and who should pay for it ?
Special file "The Council of Europe and the Internet - Freedom and safety online"
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Latest news from the Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism (MONEYVAL)

MONEYVAL published its annual activity report which provides detailed information about the Committee’s activities and achievements in 2012, its co-operation with other international players in the global AML/CFT network of assessment bodies as well as its current initiatives.
Press Release - Annual Report 2012

[26/06/2013] The mutual evaluation report on the 4th assessment visit in Poland is now available for consultation.
Press release - Executive Summary - Report - Addendum

[17/06/2013] MONEYVAL published its report ‘Special Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Customer Due Diligence Measures in the Banking Sector in Cyprus’. The assessment was conducted at the invitation of the Eurogroup Working Group (on behalf of the Troika institutions) to assist the decision-making process on Cyprus's request for financial assistance from the Euro area.
Press release - Report
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