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Tromsø - gateway to the Arctic

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At a latitude of nearly 70 degrees north, four days’ sailing from Bergen and barely a two-hour flight from Oslo, Murmansk or Longyearbyen, at the same latitude as Alaska and Siberia, between the island landscape, fiords and mountain peaks, you find Tromsø – Gateway to the Arctic, capital of Northern Norway and the largest city in the Nordic countries north of the Arctic Circle.

Tromsø can boost of two months of Midnight Sun, a lively, colourful downtown rich in Arctic history, and is surrounded by the drama of the Lyngen Alps, blue fjords and hundreds of island.

The city lives on education, research, administration, fishing exports and satellite technology.

The Municipality of Tromsø has 64492 residents and covers an area of 2558 km².

Brief history: The city of Tromsø was founded in 1794, but the first church was built in 1252. In the 1850s, Tromsø became the centre for Polar sea catches in the Arctic region, while in the early 1900s the city was the starting point for a host of expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic regions, which in return gave the city the nickname Gateway to the Arctic.
In 1940, Tromsø was capital of the non-occupied Norway for a few weeks, and as the only city in Northern Norway avoided any war damage.
In the years after 1960, Tromsø has experienced an exceptional growth in population, which in part is due to the establishment of institutions like the University of Tromsø and the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Weather: Tromsø enjoys a moderate insular climate and summer temperatures range from 5 degrees Celsius and rain, to 28 degrees Celsius and sun 24 hours a day.

Midnight Sun: Visible from around May 21 to around July 21.

Fun facts: For sport enthusiasts; the Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon will take place on Saturday June 20th

Down town Tromsø
Tromsø and surroundings

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