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Social Programme - Tromsø, 18-19 juin 2009

Photo: 1 Johan Wildhagen, Innovation Norway
The social programme for the accompanying persons on Thursday June 17 will include a trip to a Sámi village just outside of Tromsø. The village is a typical, although small Sámi village. The participants will have the possibility to experience a traditional Sámi meal, and try to catch a reindeer with a lasso.


The social programme for all participants on Friday June 19th will start after lunch with a city walk of down town Tromsø. The walk will end up at Polaria a knowledge-based adventure centre with themes from the Polar Regions, where there will be a possibility of feeding the seals. Tromsø is the largest city in the Nordic countries north of the Arctic Circle.

Photo: Bård Løken
Photo:  SEQ Photo: \* ARABIC 3 Bård Løken, Destination Tromsø as

Photo:  SEQ Photo: \* ARABIC 2 Bjørnar G Hansen, Destination Tromsø as

In the evening on the 19th the participants can enjoy the beautiful island of Sommarøy . The island is located approx 1,5h to the west of Tromsø. We promise local specialities fresh from the sea and a spectacular view over the fjords and mountains. On returning the participants will be able to experience the Midnight sun in full from the sea.