Council of Europe Conferences of Ministers of Justice


9-10 October 2003, Sofia (Bulgaria)

25th Conference of European Ministers of Justice

European Justice Ministers gave their backing to Council of Europe counter-terrorism action. They agreed to support current United Nations efforts against terrorism and to examine the possibility and added value of a comprehensive convention against terrorism, to be negotiated in the Council of Europe.

Conclusions and Resolution adopted - doc MJU 25 (2003) Concl E
Draft agenda


Opening of the Conference

Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha, Bulgarian Prime Minister

The Secretary General and the Bulgarian Prime Minister at the opening of the conference

Global action is the only answer to the scourge of terrorism, Bulgarian Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha told delegates at its opening session. He called for the ministers to give an impetus to Council of Europe action against terrorists. ' Terrorism is an encroachment on the principles of human rights, democracy and the rule of law at the heart of the Council of Europe, the oldest political organisation in Europe,' he said. He assured delegates that Bulgaria was determined to support the fight against terrorism and strengthen international co-operation.

The time has come for a comprehensive convention on terrorism, says Walter Schwimmer,

Council of Europe Secretary General

Opening the Conference, the Secretary General has stressed that a new top priority in the immediate future was the elaboration of a Comprehensive Convention on Terrorism of the Council of Europe. ''The time has now come to give a strong political impetus to this initiative and to the opening of negotiations for such an instrument,'' he said.



Reports and other documents

All documents are available in PDF format

Report presented by Walter Schwimmer, Secretary General of the Council of Europe : doc MJU 25 (2003) 2E | doc MJU-25(2003)2 Addendum

Reports presented by Ministers of Justice

- Bosnia and Herzegovina

doc MJU 25 (2003) 6E

- Bulgaria

doc MJU 25 (2003) 1E

- Canada

doc MJU 25 (2003) 12E

- Cyprus

doc MJU 25 (2003) 11E rev

- “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”

doc MJU 25 (2003) 15E

- Germany

doc MJU 25 (2003) 5E

- Hungary

doc MJU 25 (2003) 17E

- Liechtenstein

doc MJU 25 (2003) 7E

- Norway

doc MJU 25 (2003) 4E

- Poland

doc MJU 25 (2003) 14E

- Russian Federation

doc MJU 25 (2003) 19E

- Serbia (Serbia and Montenegro)

doc MJU 25 (2003) 10E

- Slovenia

doc MJU 25 (2003) 9E

- Spain

doc MJU 25 (2003) 18F (French only)

- Sweden

doc MJU 25 (2003) 8E

- Turkey

doc MJU 25 (2003) 3E

Other documents

- Memorandum presented by the International Commission on Civil Status

doc MJU 25 (2003) 13E

- UNMIK in Kosovo

doc MJU 25 (2003) 16E