23rd Conference of European Ministers of Justice

8-9 June 2000, London (United Kingdom)

Resolution N░3 on the fight against cyber-crime

THE MINISTERS participating in the 23rd Conference of European Ministers of Justice (London, June 2000),
Considering that on the proposal of the European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC) the Committee of Ministers gave terms of reference to the Committee of Experts on Crime in Cyberspace (PC-CY) in February 1997 to draft a binding legal instrument dealing, inter alia, with substantive, procedural and international co-operation issues relating to computer crime;
In view of the draft Convention on Cybercrime prepared by the PC-CY during more than three years of work;
Taking into account the decision to make public the text of the said draft Convention (draft n░ 19);
Aware of the importance attached by Council of Europe member States, Observer States and the international community at large to an early conclusion of the work of Committee PC-CY;
Aware also that negotiations are still to continue on a number of outstanding issues before agreement is reached on a final text;
Taking into consideration the Common Position of 27 May 1999 adopted by the Council of the European Union, which supports the drawing up of the Council of Europe’s draft Convention on Cybercrime which will contain, inter alia, provisions to facilitate international co-operation, including mutual legal assistance, to the widest extent possible;
In the light of the discussions that took place at the G-8 Conference on “government/industry dialogue on safety and confidence in cyberspace”, held in Paris on 15-17 May 2000,
EXPRESS their strong support for the negotiations taking place within Committee PC-CY and encourage the negotiating parties to pursue their efforts with a view to finding appropriate solutions to the outstanding issues, so as to enable the largest possible number of States to become Parties to the Convention;
ACKNOWLEDGE that it is essential to establish a swift and efficient system of international co-operation, which takes duly into account the specific requirements of the fight against crime in a computer environment;
ENCOURAGE Committee PC-CY to speed up its work with a view to finalising the text of the Convention before the end of this year;
INVITE the Secretary General to consider the work of the PC-CY as a matter of priority and provide this Committee with the means it needs to execute its terms of reference;
INVITE the Committee of Ministers to consult without delay the Parliamentary Assembly on the draft Convention prepared by the PC-CY.