22nd Conference of European Ministers of Justice

17-18 June 1999, Chişinău (Moldova)

Resolution No 2 on South Eastern Europe

THE MINISTERS participating in the 22nd Conference of European Ministers of Justice (Chişinău, 1999),
Referring to the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe adopted on 10 June 1999 at the Ministerial Conference in Cologne;
Bearing in mind Resolution 1244 (1999) of the Security Council of the United Nations;
Having regard to the 50 years experience of the Council of Europe in promoting the Rule of law, pluralist democracy and Human Rights;
Welcoming the action and the proposals of the Council of Europe, in order to contribute with the United Nations and the OSCE, to the assurance of the proper functioning of an efficient and independent judiciary in Kosovo;
Wishing to contribute to reconciliation in the region,
INVITE THE COMMITTEE OF MINISTERS to contribute to the implementation  of the Stability Pact with regard to the functioning of democratic institutions, in particular by working with the countries of the region to help :
- to ensure the functioning of independent and efficient judicial systems,
- to provide sufficient training for all persons involved with the functioning of justice,
- to combat corruption, organised crime and terrorism,
- to contribute to the protection of minorities by means of the programmes and legal instruments of the Council of Europe
INVITE the governments of member States to give the necessary support to this action.