Council of Europe Conferences of Ministers of Justice

22nd Conference of European Ministers of Justice

17-18 June 1999, Chişinău (Moldova)

Resolution No 3 on the fight against corruption

THE MINISTERS participating in the 22nd Conference of European Ministers of Justice (Chişinău, 17-18 June 1999),
Recalling Resolution N░ 1 of their 21st Conference (Prague, 1997) on “Links between corruption and organised crime”,
Welcoming the considerable political support given by the Second Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg, 1997) to the action proposed in the Prague Resolution, as well as the rapid and efficient follow-up given to the Resolution by the Committee of Ministers :
- adoption on 6 November 1997 of Twenty Guiding principles for the fight against corruption;
- creation on 5 May 1998 of the Group of States against Corruption – GRECO –which started operating on 1 May 1999, with 18 Member States to-date;
- opening for signature on 27 January 1999 of the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption, already signed by 26 Member States,
URGE the Committee of Ministers to adopt the draft Convention on civil aspects of corruption and open it for signature before the end of 1999, and EXPRESS THE WISH that the Model Code of Conduct for Public Officials may be finalised at the beginning of the year 2000,
RECOMMEND that the Committee of Ministers grant the highest priority to the work in hand in this area,
RECOMMEND that the member States of GRECO, which will hold its first meeting in the Autumn 1999, afford it all means necessary for its functioning.