21st Conference of European Ministers of Justice

10-11 June 1997, Prague (Czech Republic)

Resolution No 2

The Ministers participating in the 21st Conference of European Ministers of Justice (Prague, 1997),
Aware of the advantage of arranging personal contacts between the Ministers responsible for their governments' policy in the legal field in order to foster the progress of cooperation in this area in Europe;
EXPRESS the warmest thanks to the Czech Government for the excellent organisation of the 21st  Conference in Prague and for its kind hospitality.
Proposal by the Russian Federation
1. To devise an inventory of existing international legal frameworks on combating organised crime and corruption with a view to developing an updated strategy and methodology for countering those dangerous phenomena.
2. To consider a transition from mutual legal information to international legal harmonisation.
3. To establish an International Investigation and Action Task Force, whenever appropriate, to prosecute crimes involving the security of many countries.
4. The GMC should consider the following activities as a matter of priority :
a) extent and modalities of waiving bank and commercial secrets
b) political corruption
c) extent and limitations of immunity for government officials and members of Parliament
5. To study the corruption related to the privatisation of property and the award of public contracts.
6. To consider protection arrangements for witnesses and victims in foreign countries.