Why do we organise Council of Europe Conferences of Ministers of Justice ?

In pursuing its statutory aim to achieve greater unity between its member states, notably in respect of Justice and the Rule of Law, the Council of Europe is constantly facing new challenges. Our societies are changing rapidly, and old answers are no longer satisfactory. 

In order to anticipate and address new developments, the Council of Europe periodically convenes Conferences at Ministerial level.

In its 60 years of existence, the Organisation has held 31 Conferences of the Ministers of Justice of our member states.

At the close of every conference, the Ministers decide on proposals for common action to make to the Governments of the Council of Europe.

The last, 31st Conference addressed the theme of Responses of Justice to Urban Violence.




- Organised groups and their new ways of communicating
- Juveniles as perpetrators and victims

19-21 September 2012
Hofburg Congress Centre, Vienna, Austria

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