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  Transfrontier Television
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  Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists
  Cross-border flow of Internet traffic and Internet freedom
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  Public Service Media Governance
  Cross-border Internet
  Protection Neighbouring Rights of Broadcasting Organisations
  Media Diversity
  Public service Media
  Conference Freedom of Expression and Democracy in the Digital Age - Opportunities, Rights, Responsibilities, Belgrade, 7-8/11/2013
  Conference "The Hate factor in political speech - Where do responsibilities lie?", Warsaw18-19 September 2013
  Conference of Ministers, Reykjavik - Iceland, 28-29 May 2009
  European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG)
  Committee of Ministers texts
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CDMSI Bureau 1

29-30 May 2012, Strasbourg


CDMSI Bureau 2

10-11 October 2012

3 days planned at this stage but could be reduced to 2 days. To be confirmed in due course.

2nd meeting of the CDMSI

27 - 30 November 2012






Draft terms of reference of CDMSI subordinate groups
the Bureau will make a proposal for the MC-RIU’s precise composition in light of suggestions made by CDMSI members by e-mail by 16 April;

Proposal to be made for the MC-RIU’s precise composition in light of suggestions made by CDMSI members

16 April

Draft Committee of Ministers declaration on risks to fundamental rights stemming from digital tracking and other surveillance technologies

Comments and drafting proposals to be sent to the Secretariat (Anne.Boyer-Donnard@coe.int)

30 April 2012

“Drafting of an instrument on cross-border flow of Internet traffic
The CDMSI discussed this item and decided to consider output in respect of cross-border flow of Internet traffic in light of concrete problems / scenarios to be submitted by members and observers or participants.
A small group composed by some members and observers of the CDMSI (Thomas Schneider - Switzerland, Michael Rottert – EuroISPA) will synthetize the various possible contribution and consult the CDMSI on the way forward.”

It would be desirable that the envisaged informal group be larger and composed of more member states. The initial work will be done on the basis of a teleconference.
Interest to be communicated. To be considered by the Bureau.

First outline (4 to 5 pages) will be prepared by the Secretariat


Follow-up to specific instruments on the Internet adopted by the Committee of Ministers
- Declaration on principles for Internet Governance
- Recommendation on the protection and promotion of the universality, integrity and openness of the Internet
- Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on Network Neutrality

Member states will discuss by e-mail exchange proposals on follow up to instruments on the Internet adopted by the Committee of Ministers.

CDMSI members and observers should send proposals to Elvana Thaci (elvana.thaci@coe.int) and Lee Hibbard (Lee.hibbard@coe.int)


Initiatives to strengthen the protection of journalists, other media professionals and bloggers, both as regards preventive measures and effective investigation, taking into account the work conducted by other international organisations, and to foster ethical journalism
Committee of Ministers thematic debates on Media freedom (December 2011 and January 2010) and on safety of journalists (March 2012)
The CDMSI agreed to work on the safety of journalists, asking the Secretariat to make arrangements for an informal working / drafting group, with the objective to submitting concrete proposals to the Committee of Ministers in due course.

The Secretariat will communicate proposals to the CDMSI in due course.
The Bureau will be informed at its next meeting on progress made.

Contact person with the Secretariat: Onur Andreotti (onur.andreotti@coe.int)

29-30 May

Draft recommendation on gender equality and media

The CDMSI decided to complete a recommendation on gender equality and media prepared under the authority of the CDMC with the help of an informal drafting group, which subject to confirmation from the persons involved, should be composed of Thordis Elva Thorvaldsdottir (Iceland), Bissera Zankova (Bulgaria), Els Hendrix (Germany), Catherine Souyri-Desrosiers (France), Jerker Stattin (Sweden) and coordinated by the Gender Equality Rapporteur, Christina Lamprou (Greece).

Proposed members for the informal drafting group that haven’t done it yet are invited to confirm their interest to the Secretariat.

Contact: Alessandra.pierucci@coe.int

By Monday 23 April if possible.

Declaration of 13 January 2010
[The CDMSI] agreed to pay special attention to the intergovernmental expert input into the implementation of the Committee of Ministers Declaration of 13 January 2010 by
(i) responding to requests for information or questionnaires which may be submitted to CDMSI members by the Secretariat,
(ii) encouraging media and journalists professional organisations and civil society organisations that participate in CDMSI work to provide relevant information to the Secretariat.

The 2005 report on de-criminalisation of defamation to be up-dated.
The Secretariat will inform the Bureau then the CDMSI on progress made.

A CDMSI letter to various mechanisms and Council of Europe bodies asking them to make contributions in respect of protection of safety of journalists and freedom of expression.

Contact person within the Secretariat: Onur Andreotti (onur.andreotti@coe.int)

CDMSI Bureau 24-25 May, 10-12 October and 2nd CDMSI meeting – 27-30 November 2012

1st Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Media and Information Society (Serbia, 2013)

The Secretariat will inform the Bureau of progress being made.

CDMSI Bureau 29-30 May

Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Justice (19-21 September)

The Secretariat will facilitate the work for an informal consultation with a view to prepare elements of response to the up-coming ministerial conference in respect of organised groups and the use of new ways of communicating.
Elvana Thaci (elvana.thaci@coe.int) will prepare first draft.


Internet Governance – Council of Europe Strategy 2012-2015

A chart to follow developments concerning the Strategy is being prepared and will be presented to the CDMSI as soon as it is ready.


Relations with the European Union

Meeting with the High-Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism.
The Secretariat will inform the CDMSI.
The Secretariat will make contacts with EC and EU institutions.