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Development (DH-DEV)


Working Group on Environment of the Committee of Experts for the development of Human Rights


In november 2010 at its 71st meeting, the CDDH (Steering Committee for Human Rights) entrusted the DH-DEV with the review of the Secretariat’s draft revised manual on human rights and the environment. The first meeting of this group took place in February 2011.

  2006 Manual on Environment and Human Rights

  2012 Manual on Environment and Human Rights


Agenda of the first meeting, (Strasbourg, 22-23 February 2011)   Agenda
First meeting report, (Strasbourg, 22-23 February 2011)   Report

Other documents

PACE Recommandation 1885 (2009) on “Drafting an additional protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights concerning the right to a healthy environment”   Recommandation 1885 (2009)
PACE Recommendation 1883 (2009) relating to the challenges posed by climate change   Recommendation 1883 (2009)
Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Resolution on Environmentally induced migration and displacement: a 21st century challenge   Resolution 1655 (2009)
Viewpoint of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights   Viewpoint
Report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the relationship between climate change and human rights   Report
Climate Change and Human Rights. A Rough Guide published by the International Council on Human Rights Policy, 2009   Summary : Climate Change and Human Rights