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DH-DEV Group on Human Rights of Members of the Armed Forces (DH-DEV-FA)

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Documents DH-DEV-FA

Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)4 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on human rights of members of the armed forces   CM/Rec(2010)4
Explanatory Memorandum (CM(2010)4 add2 fin)   CM/rec(2010)4 add2 fin
1st DH-DEV-FA (14-15 June 2007) Meeting report 1
2nd DH-DEV-FA  (3-4 December 2007) Meeting report 2
3rd DH-DEV-FA  (9-11 April 2008)   Meeting report 3
4th DH-DEV-FA (15-17 October 2008)   Meeting report 4
5th DH-DEV-FA  (13-15 May 2009)  Meeting report 5
6th DH-DEV-FA  (24-25 September 2009)  Meeting report 6