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Resolutions and Recommendations adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly
Resolution 1099 (1996) on the sexual exploitation of children
Resolution 1215 (2000) on the campaign against the enlistment of child soldiers and their participation in armed conflicts
Resolution 1291 (2002) an international abduction of children by one of the parents
Resolution 1307 (2002) on sexual exploitation of children: zero tolerance
Resolution 1468 (2005) on forced marriages and child marriages
Resolution 1512 (2006) concerning parliaments united in combating domestic violence against women
Resolution 1530 (2007) on child victims: stamping out all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse
Recommendation 869 (1979) on payment by the State of advances on child maintenance
Recommendation 874 (1979) on a European Charter on the rights of the child
Recommendation 1065 (1987) on the traffic in children and other forms of child exploitation
Recommendation 1071 (1988) on child welfare - Providing institutional care for infants and children
Recommendation 1074 (1988) on family policy
Recommendation 1121 (1990) on the rights of children
Recommendation 1271 (1995) on discrimination between men and women in the choice of a surname and in the passing on of parents' surnames to children
Recommendation 1286 (1996) on a European strategy for children
Recommendation 1336 (1997) on combating child labour exploitation as a matter of priority
Recommendation 1362 (1998) on discrimination between women and men in the choice of a surname and the passing on of parents' surnames to children
Recommendation 1371 (1998) on abuse and neglect of children
Recommendation 1443 (2000) on international adoption: respecting children's rights
Recommendation 1460 (2000) on setting up a European ombudsman for children
Recommendation 1532 (2001)

on a dynamic social policy for children and adolescents in towns and cities

Recommendation 1551 (2002) on building a 21st century society with and for children: follow-up to the European strategy for children (Recommendation 1286 (1996))
Recommendation 1561 (2002) on social measures for children of war in south-eastern Europe
Recommendation 1562 (2002) on controlling the diagnosis and treatment of hyperactive children in Europe
Recommendation 1582 (2002) on domestic violence against women
Recommendation 1596 (2003) on the situation of young migrants in Europe
Recommendation 1601 (2003) on improving the lot of abandoned children in institutions
Recommendation 1639 (2003) on family mediation and equality of sexes
Recommendation 1654 (2004) on nationality rights and equal opportunities
Recommendation 1681 (2004) on the campaign to combat domestic violence against women in Europe
Recommendation 1686 (2004) on human mobility and the right to family reunion
Recommendation 1698 (2005) on the rights of children in institutions: follow-up to Recommendation 1601 (2003)
Recommendation 1703 (2005) on protection and assistance for separated children seeking asylum
Recommendation 1769 (2006) on the need to reconcile work and family life
Recommendation 1778 (2007) on child victims: stamping out all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse
Recommendation 1796 (2007) on the situation of elderly persons in Europe
Recommendation 1798 (2007) on respect for the principle of gender equality in civil law