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Gender Equality Strategy

Strategic Objectives

Gender Equality Programme


Documents 5th meeting

Report of the 5th meeting of the Gender Equality Commission (2-4 April 2014)

Draft agenda - GEC (2014) OJ 1rev

Compilation of contributions from member states on key challenges and good practices on gender equality and the media at national level – GEC (2014) 8

2nd Conference of NFPs “Combating Gender Stereotypes in and through Education”

Analytical study of the results of the fourth round of monitoring the implementation of Recommendation Rec(2002)5 on the protection of women against violence in Council of Europe member states GEC(2013)10 rev1

Conclusions of the Hearing on “Access to Justice for Women Victims of Violence”

Compilation of key challenges and good practices on Access to Justice for Women Victims of Violence at the National Level GEC(2013)12 rev

Seminar on “Tackling the Gaps in Research and the Lack of Data Disaggregated by Sex Concerning Women’s Access To Justice”
- Draft Concept Paper – GEC (2014) 3
- Draft Programme – GEC (2014) 2

Third round of monitoring the implementation of CM Recommendation Rec(2003)3
- 2008 Questionnaire for review - GEC(2014)5
- Comparative study on the results of the first and second rounds of monitoring of Council of Europe Recommendation Rec (2003)3 - CDEG(2009)17

Draft Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member states on gender mainstreaming in sport- EPAS(2013)36 rev6 (text not yet final)

2nd NFP meeting - Draft Programme- GEC(2014)4

Report of events attended by GEC members, National Focal Points and the Secretariat - GEC(2014)1

Advance version of agreed conclusions of the Commission on the Status of Women 58th session

Presentations 5th meeting

Sami Nevala - Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) – Violence Against Women: An EU-wide survey

Isabel Castro – Eurimages

Virginia Langbakk - European Institute for Gender Equality

Giovanni Carlo Bruno, Deputy to the Head of Delegation, European Union Delegation to the Council of Europe