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Committee of Ministers Thematic Co-ordinator
TC-ET – Equality and Trafficking

Following a recommendation of the Bureau, the Ministers’ Deputies, at their 1063rd meeting in July 2009, decided to rename the Thematic Co-ordinator on Equality between Women and Men (TC-EG) to “Thematic Co-ordinator on Equality and Trafficking” (TC-ET). Ambassador Tatiana Pârvu, Permanent Representative of Moldova, was entrusted this function by the Deputies at their 1104th meeting in February 2011.

Thematic Co-ordinators (TC) are appointed by the Committee of Ministers (CM) to follow certain areas of importance to the Organisation. The work of the TC should be co-ordinated with that of the CM – they should inform the CM of their plans and keep CM regularly informed of their activities and seek its guidance as appropriate. TCs are appointed from the Permanent Representatives and Deputy Permanent Representatives and have a term of office of two years.

TCs work closely with the Secretary General and the relevant Secretariat departments and, where this proves necessary, place at the disposal of the plenary committee their experience in their specific field.

Each TC addresses issues within his/her remit. TCs may make any contact outside the Council after consulting the Chair of the Deputies in good time, who may decide to refer the matter to the Bureau and, if necessary, the Deputies. These contacts should not interfere with the statutory role of the Secretary General when representing the Organisation.

The TCs may present a report to the Deputies in writing, possibly for consideration without debate. The report indicates in particular the outcome of any consultations, including the results obtained from informal meetings held with any internal Council body as appropriate.