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CAVHIO Documents

Meeting report 9th meeting -  CAHVIO(2011)8

Meeting report 8th meeting -  CAHVIO(2010)27 Rev

Meeting report 7th meeting -  CAHVIO(2010)21 Rev Bis

Meeting report 6th meeting -  CAHVIO(2010)18

Meeting report 5th meeting -  CAHVIO(2010)11

Corrigendum to the 4th meeting report (point 5) -  CAHVIO(2010)3

Meeting report 4th meeting -  CAHVIO(2010)1 Rev

Meeting report 3rd meeting -  CAHVIO(2009)34

Interim report  -  CAHVIO(2009)4 Fin

Meeting report 2nd meeting -  CAHVIO(2009)31

Meeting report 1st meeting -  CAHVIO(2009)5

Case law ECHR -  CAHVIO(2009)10

Typology protection of women -  CAHVIO(2009)11

Sexual violence and armed conflict  -  CAHVIO(2009)12

Typology of domestic violence laws in Council of Europe member states - a preliminary overview  -  CAHVIO(2009)13

Legal protective provisions or protection orders -  CAHVIO(2010)8

The duty of Due Diligence - CAHVIO(2010)7

Elements for discussion -  CAHVIO(2009)3

Synopsis of main decisions -  CAHVIO(2009)6

Monitoring mechanisams within the Council of Europe -  CAHVIO(2009)7

Compilation of international legal instruments

Addendum to Compilation of international legal instruments


. NGOs call on the Council of Europe to move towards a strong instrument on Violence against Women - European Policy Action Centre on Violence Against Women (EPACVAW)

. UNHCR comments to the first Meeting of the Ad hoc Committee on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence 6 – 8 April 2009)

. Drafting of a Council of Europe convention: PACE contribution

. The European Union's main instruments and actions to combat violence against women

. Submission to the Council of Europe Ad Hoc Committee on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence: The need to ensure that the Convention on violence against women addresses effectively the obligation of member states to prevent and combat violence against lesbian, bisexual and transgender women (ILGA - Europe, 8 September 2009) (

. Council of Europe Don't Waste this Opportunity: Make the Right Choices on the Convention on Violence Against Women. AI Index IOR 61/014/2010 3 August 2010