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Questionnaires adopted at the 5th Lanzarote Committee meeting

5th Meeting of the Lanzarote Committee – 15-16 May 2013, Strasbourg

21 May 2013 - At its 5th meeting, the Lanzarote Committee, the monitoring body mandated to assess how states are implementing the Lanzarote Convention, adopted the questionnaires that will be used to monitor compliance with the Lanzarote Convention.

To date, the Lanzarote Committee has adopted its Rules of Procedure, and decided that the monitoring of the implementation of the Convention shall be based on a procedure divided by rounds, each round concerning a theme. The first round is specifically targeted to ask States Parties questions concerning the theme of “Sexual abuse of children in the circle of trust” (Thematic Questionnaire).

Additionally, the Committee also agreed to take stock of the legislation, institutional set-up and policies for the implementation of the Convention in general (General Questionnaire).

States Parties to the Convention should send their completed questionnaires to the Lanzarote Committee Secretariat by 31 January 2014. States which have signed the Convention shall be invited to do so.

States wishing to sign\ratify the Convention may refer to it as a checklist to take the necessary steps to adjust their legislation and institutions to be in a position to sign\ratify the Convention.

Link to the video interview dated 16 May 2013 with Mr Eric Ruelle, President of the Lanzarote Committee.

Link to the Agenda and working documents of the 5th meeting

List of decisions taken during the meeting

Link to the adopted questionnaires (thematic and general) - forthcoming