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Marianne NY

Marianne Ny joined the Swedish Prosecution Authority as a prosecutor in 1985. In 2007 she was appointed the office of Deputy Director at the Prosecution Development Centre in Gothenburg. The task of the Development Centre in Gothenburg is to conduct methodological and legal development within the area of crimes of violence and sexual offence and to be responsible for the overall knowledge within these areas. Legal follow-up and inspection are also conducted here.

She held the office of Deputy Chief Prosecutor at the Local Prosecution Office in Malmö, Sweden during 1996 – 2007. Specializing in cases regarding sexual abuse of children and domestic violence she was responsible for a team of prosecutors in Malmö dealing with these areas. She participated actively in establishing the Crisis Centre for Children and Young People in Malmö, a centre for abused children. The idea is to protect children subject to physical and sexual abuse from further trauma during criminal proceedings, to facilitate the giving of evidence and to provide support and treatment.
Over the years she also has managed in-house training courses for senior prosecutors, arranged for by the Swedish Prosecution Authority, regarding the physical and sexual abuse of children in close cooperation with psychologists, especially those specializing in children.