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1. Juvenile delinquency in post war Europe (1960)

2. The death penalty in European countries (1962)

3. The effectiveness of programmes for the prevention of juvenile delinquency (1963)

4. Probation and after-care in certain European countries (1964)

5. Suspended sentence, probation and other alternatives to prison sentences (1966)

6. The enforcement of penal sanctions (reports given at a seminar in Vienna, 1966)

7. The status, selection and training of basic grade prison staff (1967)

8. The effectiveness of punishment and other measures of treatment (1967)

9. Re-education of delinquent minors (reports given at a seminar at Vaucresson, 1967)

10. The cinema and the protection of youth (1968)

11. Aspects of the international validity of criminal judgments (1968)

12. Legal aspects of extradition among European States (1970)

13. The role of the school in the prevention of juvenile delinquency (1972)

14. Aspects of prison community (1973)

15. The application of modern techniques of resource allocation in the field of crime problems (1973)

16. New trends in the treatment of young offenders (1974)

17. Sentencing (1974)

18. Conference on criminal policy (1975)

19. Guidelines concerning offences to be included in a European Highway Code (1979)

20. Report on decriminalisation (1980)

21. Female criminality in the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, England and Wales (1980)

22. Conference on crime policy (1980)

23. Prison management (1983)

24. Vandalism in urban milieu (1984)

25. Alcohol and crime (1984)

26. Studies on Prison Regimes (1986)

27. Extortions under terrorist threats (1986)

28. Economic crisis and crime (1985)

29. Third Conference on Crime Policy (1985)

30. Extraterritorial criminal jurisdiction (1990)

31. Fourth Conference on Crime Policy (1990)

32. Penological reflections on Community Sanctions and Measures (1993)

33. Fifth Conference on Crime Policy (1995)

34. Serious crime and the requirement of respect for human rights - ISBN 92-871-3289-5 in European Democracies (1997)

35. Manual on information technology applications in correctional administration ISBN 92-871-3617-3

36. The Prokuratura in a state governed by the rule of law (1998) - ISBN 92-871-3598-3

37. Responses to developments in the volume and structure of crime in Europe in a time of change (1999) ISBN 92-871-3456-1

38. European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics (1999) PC-S-ST (99) 8 DEF

39. Prison Administrations in Europe (1999) (partially bilingual) PC-CP (99) 11

40. The death penalty – abolition in Europe (1999) - ISBN 92-871-3874-5

41. Europe in a time of change: crime policy and criminal law (1999) - ISBN 92-871-3456-1

42. Proceedings of the Pan-European Conference "What Public Prosecution in Europe in the 21st Century" - Strasbourg, 22-24 May 2000 ISBN 92-871-4472-9

43. Drug use in prison (2000)- ISBN 92-871-4521-0

44. Summary report on the effectiveness of early psychosocial interventions to prevent criminality (2000) ISBN 92-871-4563-6

45. Crime and criminal justice in Europe (2000) - ISBN 92-871-4378-1

46. Combating torture in Europe – the work and standards of the European Committee for the prevention of torture (2001) ISBN 92-871-4614-4

47. Prison, drugs, society (2002) - ISBN 92-871-5090-7

48. Violence against women and children – Vision, innovation and professionalism in policing/ VIP guide (2003). - ISBN 92-871-5121-0


PC-OC / INF 4 A guide to extradition procedures in Council of Europe member States;
ADDENDUM Rev. Provisional Arrest under Article 16 of the Extradition Convention;

PC-OC / INF 5 Rev. A guide to procedures on the transfer of sentenced persons in States Party to ETS 112;

PC-OC / INF 7 A chart showing requirements of States with respect to languages used in requests received under Conventions ETS 24 (Extradition), ETS 30 (Mutual Assistance), ETS 112 (Transfer of Sentenced Persons), ETS 141 (Laundering)

PC-OC / INF 8 A list of bilateral treaties on criminal matters involving member States

PC-OC / INF 9 Manual on mutual assistance in criminal matters

PC-OC / INF 10 Comparative tables with provisions regulating mutual assistance in different conventions
PC-OC / INF 12 A standard text providing information about Convention ETS 112 (Transfer of Sentenced Persons), translated into the national languages of the Parties to the Convention

PC-OC / INF 14 FINLAND : International Co-operation in the Enforcement of Certain Penal Sanctions Act (16 January 1987/21) [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 15 FINLAND : International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Acts [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 16 Evidence from the United Kingdom in cases of serious or complex fraud : some questions and answers

PC-OC / INF 18 The Swedish system for international mutual legal assistance

PC-OC / INF 19 Legal co-operation in criminal matters and the rights of the defence -
Case-law of the European Commission and Court of Human Rights

PC-OC / INF 20 SLOVAK REPUBLIC : Selected legal provisions applicable to international legal co-operation in criminal matters [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 21 Europ. Conv. on Extradition – Explanatory Notes [OUT OF PRINT]

PC-OC / INF 22 European Convention on Extradition – Human Rights Requirements relating to Warrants of Arrest for Extradition Purposes

PC-OC / INF 23 ICELAND : Extradition of Criminals and Other Assistance in Criminal Proceedings Act N° 13 of 17 April 1984 [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 24 TURKEY : Law on the prevention of money laundering, etc. [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 25 COSTA RICA: Extradition Act [Solo en español]

PC-OC / INF 26 HUNGARY: Act on International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 27 “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”: Extradition Act
[Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 28 ISRAEL: Extradition Act [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 29 ISRAEL: Law on Legal Assistance to Foreign States [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 30 ISRAEL: Law on Transfer of Prisoners [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 31 European Standards on Police Custody

PC-OC / INF 32 USA: State Laws relating to international prisoner transfer [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 33 COSTA RICA: Rules for the application of the Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons [Solo en español]

PC-OC / INF 34 Convention established by the Council in accordance with Article 34 of the Treaty on European Union, on mutual assistance in criminal matters between the Member States of the European Union

PC-OC / INF 35 ITALY: Case-law [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 37 SOUTH AFRICA: Extradition Act [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 38 THE NETHERLANDS : Special investigation methods and Judicial Assistance [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 39 ISRAEL : Law On Money Laundering, etc. [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 40 LUXEMBOURG: Loi du 8 août 2000 sur l’entraide judiciaire internationale en matière pénale [Fr. seul]

PC-OC / INF 41 Treaty between the Italian Republic and the Kingdom of Spain on the Prosecution of serious offences without the need for extradition in a common area of justice

PC-OC / INF 42 POLAND : Provisions on international co-operation in criminal matters in force as from 4 February 2001 included in the Polish Code of Criminal Procedure [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 43 SWEDEN : Rules on International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters [Engl. only] [Not distributed - for consultation only]

PC-OC / INF 44 Commonwealth of Independent States : Convention of 22 January 1993, on Legal Aid and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Cases [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 45 Commonwealth of Independent States : Protocol of 29 March 1997 to the Convention of 22 January 1993, on Legal Aid and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Cases [Engl. only]

PC-OC / INF 47 ROMANIA: Law n° 296 of 7 June 2001 on Extradition

PC-OC / INF 48 ROMANIA: Law n° 704 of 3 December 2001 on the international judicial assistance in criminal matters

PC-OC / INF 49 ROMANIA: Law n° 756 of 27th of December 2001 regarding the transfer abroad of convicted persons Issuing authority

PC-OC / INF 50 The 2001 Amendment of Israel’s Extradition Law

PC-OC / INF 51 Israel’s Prima Facie evidence requirements under the European convention on extradition: a practical guide

PC-OC / INF 52 Israel’s experience with taking evidence abroad by means of video

PC-OC / INF 54 Regulations regarding remote hearing of witnesses and experts

PC-OC / INF 55 ISRAEL: Extradition law, 5714-1954 ( as in effect on 15 March 2002*)