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  Terms of Reference

  Texts adopted
  Opinions by the CDDH
  Interim and Activity
    reports to the
    Committee of Ministers
  Simplified Amendment
    Procedure (DH-PS)

  Selection of
    Candidates (CDDH-SC)

Protection Procedures

  Development of Human
    Rights (DH-DEV)

  Fighting Impunity

  Length of proceedings

  Access to official
    documents (DH-S-AC)

  Accelerated asylum
    procedures (GT-DH-AS)

  Fight against terrorism

  Social rights

Other publications


Colloquy on “Protecting and Supporting Human Rights Defenders in Europe”, (Strasbourg, 13 -14 November 2006)
Seminar “What Access to Official Documents?” (Strasbourg, 27 – 29 November 2002)
European Ministerial Conference on Human Rights (Rome, 3- 4 November 2000)
Colloquy “IN OUR HANDS: The effectiveness of human rights protection 50 years after the Universal Declaration” (Strasbourg, 2-4 September 1998)
Seminar on the “Serious crime and the requirement of respect for human rights in European democracies” (Taormina, 14-16 November 1996)