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In accordance with the terms of reference of the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ), a comparative study on the impact of the Internet and new technologies on rules of evidence and modes of proof before the courts (primarily in areas of civil and administrative law proceedings) is being conducted.

A questionnaire focusing only on challenges and procedural changes has been developed to collect the relevant information from member states and associations of legal practitioners to complete this study.

The CDCJ will examine the outcome of the study at its plenary meeting in October 2015 and, where necessary, make proposals, as it deems appropriate, regarding possible follow-up.

The questionnaire above-mentioned has already been disseminated to member states and associations of legal practitioners and is also available on this website so that those interested and involved in the field of digital evidence have the opportunity to participate in the findings of the ongoing comparative study by replying to the questionnaire and returning it to DGI-CDCJ@coe.int before 31 July.