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The administration and you - A handbook (1998)

This handbook presents those principles of substantive administrative law and administrative procedure which are considered to be of primary importance for the protection of private persons in their relations with the administrative authorities.
It is intended to summarise and illustrate several decades of work undertaken by the Council of Europe in this field. This text will be of interest to legislators, judges, ombudsmen, administrators, lawyers and members of the general public.

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Judicial control of administrative acts (1997)
This book presents the actual administrative law system in several central and eastern European countries, and proposes orientations for reforms in order to set up an independent and competent control of the administrative authorities

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The status of public officials in Europe (1999)
Public administrations in Europe have a considerable number of functions assigned to them by modern government. These functions include various duties and powers the scope of which is determined by the legal framework, policy priorities and, more especially, the resources available to such civil services.

This report is designed to illustrate the multiplicity of public administrations in Europe and, in particular, to present the principles governing the recruitment, training, ethics and status or public officials in European countries.

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Alternatives to litigation between administrative authorities and private parties: conciliation, mediation and arbitration - Proceedings, Lisbon, June 1999 (2000)
Conciliation, mediation and arbitration in the context of legal proceedings have been the subject of significant developments in recent decades. Several countries are looking with great interest to these means of solving disputes between their administration and citizens they serve.

This conference aimed at considering the possibility of extending the use of these alternative means of settling administrative disputes within the Council of Europe member States.

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OSCE  Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
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Guide / manual / handbook

Handbook for Monitoring Administrative Justice

20 September 2013

This handbook provides an overview of main fair trial rights and OSCE commitments applicable to judicial hearings within administrative justice, as well as practical information for establishing and running a trial monitoring operation in the field of administrative justice.

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Front cover of the Handbook for Monitoring Administrative Justice (OSCE)