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EUROPEAN TREATIES (In the Council of Europe Treaty Series – CETS)
European Convention for the Calculation of Time Limits [CETS N°076]
European Agreement on the Transmission of Application for Legal Aid [CETS N°092]
European Convention on the service abroad of documents relating to administrative matters [CETS N°094]
European Convention on the Obtaining Abroad of Information and Evidence in Administrative Matters [CETS N°100]
Convention on the participation of foreigners in public life at local level [CETS N°144]
Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents [CETS N° 205]
Resolution (76)5 on legal aid in civil, commercial and administrative matters
Resolution (77)31 on the Protection of the Individual in Relation to the Acts of administrative Authorities
Resolution (78)8 on legal aid and advice
Recommendation No R(80)2 concerning the Exercise of discretionary Powers by administrative Authorities
Recommendation No R(81)7 on measures facilitating access to justice
Recommendation No R(81)19 on the access to information held by public authorities
Recommendation No R(84)15 relating to public liability
Resolution (85)8 on co-operation between the ombudsmen of member States and between them and the Council of Europe
Recommendation No R(85)13 on the institution of the ombudsman
Recommendation No R(86)12 concerning measures to prevent and reduce the excessive workload in the courts
Recommendation No R(87)16 on administrative procedures affecting a large number of persons
Recommendation No R(89)8 on provisional court protection in administrative matters
Recommendation No R(91)1 on administrative sanctions
Recommendation No R(91)10 on the communication to third parties of personal data held by public bodies
Recommendation No R(93)7 on privatisation of public undertakings and activities
Recommendation No R(94)12 on the independence, efficiency and role of judges
Recommendation No R(97)7 on Local public services and the rights of their users
Recommendation No R(2000)6 on the Status of public officials in Europe
Recommendation Rec(2000)10 on Codes of conduct for Public officials
Recommendation Rec(2001)9 on Alternatives to litigation between administrative authorities and private parties
Recommendation Rec(2003)16 on the execution of administrative and judicial decisions in the field of administrative law
Recommendation Rec(2004)20 on judicial review of administrative acts
Recommendation CM/Rec(2007)7 on good administration
Proceedings of the 7th European Law Colloquy, Bari, 1977: “Forms of public participation in the preparation of legislative and administrative acts”
Proceedings of the 9th European Law Colloquy, Madrid, 1979 : “The liability of the State and regional and local Authorities for Damage caused by their Agents or administrative Services"
Proceedings of the 15th European Law Colloquy, Bordeaux, 1985: “Judicial power and public liability for judicial acts”
The contribution of the Council of Europe to reinforcing the position of the individual in administrative proceedings (by Mr P. Leuprecht, Director of Human Rights, 1985)
Proceedings of the 17th European Law Colloquy, Saragossa, 1987 “Secrecy and openness – Individuals, Enterprises and Public Administrations”
Proceedings of the 2nd Round Table with European Ombudsmen, Strasbourg, 1988.
To learn about publications prepared under the aegis of the Project Group on Administrative Law (CJ-DA) which existed until end 2007 click here.