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Pan-European Conference on the right to good administration, 4-5 December 2003, Warsaw (Poland)  

This Conference is organised by the Council of Europe in co-operation with the Ministry of the Interior and of Public Administration of Poland and the Office of the Ombudsman of Poland, within the framework of the Council of Europe Cooperation Programme to strengthen the Rule of Law.

The aim of the Conference is to identify the problems existing between individuals and the public administration with a view to finding the solutions best suited to facilitate these relations, to prevent illegal acts by the administration and furthermore to prevent discrimination. This will be done through a comparative examination of questions related to the functioning of the administration from the point of view of respect for the principles of administrative law and administrative procedure that must be applied in member States to guarantee private persons the right to a good administration. The conclusions of this Conference will be transmitted to the Project Group on Administrative Law (CJ-DA) which will be responsible in 2004 for preparing proposals for activities aimed at strengthening the legal framework of good administration as an essential element of good governance.

Proceedings of the Conference