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Signatures and Ratifications


47 States have signed or ratified either the Charter or the 1961 Charter. 

33 out of 43 States are bound by the Revised Charter and 10 by the 1961 Charter.
15 out of 43 States are bound by the collective complaints procedure.

 Overview of signatures and ratifications

 Complete presentation of signatures and ratifications





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MessageSecretary General calls for better protection of social rights in times of austerity


 M.Thorbjørn Jagland declares that "the need to protect everyday rights for workers and non-working people is a core European value which becomes all the more important when times are tough. .."   and  encourages the member States of the Council of Europe who have not yet done so to ratify the Revised Charter and to adhere to the collective complaint procedure.  In a press release issued on the eve of the publication of Conclusions 2013 of the European Committee of Social Rights Mr Jagland urged European governments and international organisations to pay greater attention to social and economic rights when implementing austerity measures.


In a speech given at the Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg on 28 Janury 2014 Mr Jagland reiterated his appeal to members states to ratify the Council of Europe's revised Social Charter and step up efforts to reduce social inequalities.

EuropeanCommittee European Committee of Social Rights



The Committee held its 269th session from 27 to 29 January 2014 at the Council of Europe Brussels Office.  A number of events were been organised to take place during this session, including a press briefing on the Committee's Conclusions 2013 and XX-2, relating to health, social security and social protection which were published on the Social Charter website on 29 January.    

[28/01/2014] Meeting concerning fundamental labour rights and austerity measures, at the headquarters of the Committee for Economic and Social Rights of the European Union, Brussels.  Programme  


[29/01/2014] Meeting with the Brussels-based INGO "Social Platform" on collective complaints on 29 January 2014.  Invitation   Website Social Platform





Conclusions2013Conclusions 2013 and XX-2 are public


[29/01/2014] It is now possible to consult Conclusions 2013 and XX-2 (2013) of the European Committee of Social Rights on the implementation of the European Social Charter. In 2013, the Committee adopted some 570 conclusions, including some 180 findings of violations de la Charter, pertaining to health, social security and social protection.

Five States Parties (Azerbaijan, Croatia, Iceland, Luxembourg and Portugal) did not submit a report in time and it is expected that these Conclusions will be adopted in March 2014. 

(more information)


Conclusions by State Party
General Introductions

Press file  


 Conclusions2014Conclusions 2014


The Committee is currently examining national reports covering Charter rights related to labour rights. The deadline for submitting reports was 31/10/2013. (more information)






ComplaintsCollective Complaints

Decisions on immediate measures


For the first time the Committee invited a respondent Government to take immediate measures linked to the complaint under examination (Rule 36).


- Association for the Protection of all Children (APPROACH) Ltd v. Ireland , Complaint No. 93/2013. Decision on immediate measures 

- Association for the Protection of all Children (APPROACH) Ltd v. Belgium, Complaint No. 98/2013 Decision on immediate measures


- European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) v. the Netherlands, Complaint No. 86/2012  Decision on immediate measures


 - Conference of European Churches (CEC) v. the Netherlands, Complaint No 90/2013 Decision on immediate measures



Decision on admissibility and the merits


For the second time, the Committee adopted a single decision on the admissibility and on the merits of a complaint.


- Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) and Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO) v. Sweden, Complaint No. 85/2012

(more information)



Decision on the merits


- European Action of the Disabled (AEH) v. France, Complaint No. 81/2012, concerning access of children and adolescents with autism to education and access of young adults with autism to vocational training. (more information) - Press review


- Fellesforbundet for Sjøfolk (FFFS) v. Norway, Complaint No. 74/2011, concerning compulsory retirement of seamen. (more information)


- Associazione Nazionale Giudici di Pace v. Italy, Complaint No. 102/2013, concerning social security and welfare protection for Justices of the peace (more information)


- Bedriftsforbundet v. Norway, Complaint No. 103/2013, concerning the obligation for employees working in Norwegian ports to belong to the dock workers union. (more information)



Decisions on admissibility


 - European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) v. Ireland, Complaint No. 100/2013. The complaint concerns housing conditions and evictions of Travellers in Ireland.  (more information)


- European Council of Police Trade Unions (CESP) v. France, Complaint No. 101/2013. The complaint relates to the right to organise and the right to bargain collectively. (more information)



Texts adopted by the Committee

of Ministers



-  Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) and Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO) v. Sweden, Complaint No. 85/2012, Resolution CM/ResChS(2014)1 

- European Action of the Disabled (AEH) v. France, Complaint No. 81/2012, Resolution CM/ResChS(2014)2  

- International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) v. Greece, Complaint No. 72/2011, Resolution CM/ResChS(2013)15 adopted on 16/10/2013.
- International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) v. Belgium, Complaint No. 75/2011, Resolution CM/ResChS (2013)16 adopted on 16/10/2013.
- Fellesforbundet for Sjøfolk (FFFS) against Norway, Complaint No. 74/2011, Resolution CM/ResChS (2013)17 adopted on 16/10/2013.





InTheFieldThe Charter in the field


Upcoming event


Commemorative plate of the signing of the 1961 Charter in Turin

A high level Conference will be held in Turin, Italy, from 17-18 October 2014, bringing together political personalities from the Council of Europe and the European Union in order to hold an exchange of views and find political solutions to meet the challenge of enforcing human rights in times of austerity, and with a view to reinforcing the synergies between EU legislation and the Charter.  The focus will therefore be on social, political and institututional mutations, which have been transforming and continue to transform the daily lives of the populations of Europe.


Other key events



 Public hearing on "Employment and social aspects of the operations and role of the Troika in euro area programme countries, Brussels, Belgium, 9 January 2014  

- Programme






Conference on social human rights in a post-conflict environment, Grozny, Chechnya, 11-13 December 2013 

- Programme


Conference on the protection of social rights in the framework of European case law, Verona, Italy, 22 November 2013

- Programme


Conference on the European Social Charter in Zagreb, Croatia, 19-20 November 2013 - Programme



Luis Jimena Quesada speaks on poverty   


 Luis Jimena Quesada, President of the European Committee of Social Rights and Annelise Oeschger, President of the Human Rights Committee of the Conference of INGOs, were interviewed for the Council of Europe's weekly Journal. The theme was "Poverty in Europe: is there a new north-south divide?" Mr. Jimena Quesada was also a participant in the Workshop on the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty entitled "Building Europe through Human Rights : Acting together against Extreme Poverty" held in Strasbourg on 17 October 2013.



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