European Social Charter

229th session : Agenda  
Collective complaints

The Committee will examine the following complaints:
• European Council of Police Trade Unions v. Portugal - Complaint No. 40/2007
• Mental Disablity Advocacy Center v. Bulgaria – Complaint No. 41/2007
• International Federation for Human Rights v. Ireland, Complaint No. 42/2007
• Sindicato dos Magistrados do Ministério Público (SMMP) v. Portugal - Complaint No. 43/2007
• International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights (INTERIGHTS) v. Croatia – Complaint No. 45/2007.
• European Roma Rights Center v. Bulgaria – Complaint No. 46/2007
• Defence for Children International (DCI) v. the Netherlands – Complaint No. 47/2008.

National reports
The Committee will examine  draft conclusions on the following States : Azerbaidjan, Finland, Malta, Netherlands, Slovenia (Revised Charter) and Denmark (1961 Charter).

Meetings on non-accepted provisions of the Revised Charter (2007 and 2008)
Preparations will be carried on for an upcoming meeting in Armenia.