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Associazione Nazionale Giudici di Pace lodges a complaint against Italy

Associazione Nazionale Giudici di Pace v. Italy, Complaint No. 102/2013

[21/10/2013]  The complaint was registered on 2 August 2013.

The focal point of this complaint relates to the lack of provision under Italian law for legislation governing the social security protection of those who exercise the profession of Giudice di Pace on a systematic and consistent basis.

It is alleged that, in practice, the Giudice di Pace, in addition to being paid on a fixed basis, receive  compensation which takes account of the number of hearings held and decisions delivered, without any social security and welfare protection.

The complainant organisation allege that the situation is in breach of Article 12 (right to social security) of the Revised Social Charter.

Complaint No. 102/2013  Italian
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