Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism (MONEYVAL)

 Annual reports

As a body of the Council of Europe, MONEYVAL is answerable on the basis of its Statute to the Committee of Ministers. The Chairperson and the Executive Secretary of MONEYVAL shall present to the Committee of Ministers an annual report, containing the activities of the Committee undertaken, as well as information on the state of compliance with AML/CFT international standards in the States and territories that have been evaluated by MONEYVAL in the previous year.


Annual report for 2015 (2016) / Rapport annuel 2015 de MONEYVAL (2016) NEW!
Annual report for 2014 (2015) / Rapport annuel 2014 de MONEYVAL (2015)

Annual report for 2013 (2014) / Rapport annuel 2013 de MONEYVAL (2014)
Annual report for 2012 (2013) / Rapport annuel 2012 de MONEYVAL (2013)
Annual report for 2011 (2012) / Rapport annuel 2011 de MONEYVAL (2012)

Practical impact of the Council of Europe monitoring mechanisms (2010) / L'impact réel des mécanismes de suivi du Conseil de l'Europe (2010)
Annual report for 2009 (2010) / Rapport annuel 2009 de MONEYVAL (2010)
Annual report for 2008 (2009) / Rapport annuel 2008 de MONEYVAL (2008)