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Training workshop on

transparency of political funding

Atelier de formation sur la
transparence du financement des partis politiques


22-23 March 2007 / 22-23 mars 2007

English / Franšais

Welcome address and general introduction by Mr Drago KOS, President of GRECO (Slovenia)
English only

Intervention by Mr Pierre-Christian SOCCOJA (France) / Intervention de Monsieur Pierre-Christian SOCCOJA (France)
English / Franšais

Transparency and Accountability in Political Finance, by Ms Angela Keller-Herzog (Transparency International)
English only

Political Financing and Corruption in Europe: What are the most important questions of corruption research? by Mr Ulrich VON ALEMANN (Germany)
English only

Funding of political parties and electoral campaigns in the Netherlands, by Mr Arthur DE GROOT (Netherlands)
English only

Supervision of political party funding, by Ms Patricia Pe˝a (United Kingdom)
English only

Monitoring and Supervision of the financing of political parties, by Mr Ulrich von Alemann (Germany)
English only

Supersivion of political party financing, by Mr Alvis VILKS (Latvia)
English only

Sanctions in political party financing, by Mr Alvis VILKS (Latvia)
English only