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Training workshop
on the incriminations provided for in the
Criminal Law Convention on Corruption (ETS 173),
its Additional Protocol (ETS 191)
and Guiding Principle 2 (GPC 2)

Atelier de formation
sur les incriminations
prévues par la Convention pénale sur la corruption (STE 173),
son Protocole additionnel (STE 191)
et le Principe Directeur 2 (PDC 2)


Strasbourg, 29 May / mai 2007

English / Français

Welcome address and general introduction by Mr Drago KOS, President of GRECO (Slovenia)
English only

Introduction to Criminal Law Convention on Corruption Questionnaire, by Mr Matthias KORTE (Germany)
English only

Countries’ Experience in Implementing the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, by Mr Patrick MOULETTE (OECD)
English only

Comments on specific issues of corruption offences of the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption and its Additional Protocol in the light of Greco’s evaluation questionnaire, by Manfred MOEHRENSCHLAGER (Germany)
English only

‘Jurisdiction’ as part of GRECO’s Third Round Evaluation circle, by Mr Christian MANQUET (Austria)
English only

Defences / Plan of the intervention of Georgi RUPCHEV (Bulgaria)
English only

Practical aspects of the investigation and prosecution of corruption offences, by Mr Alastair N. BROWN (United Kingdom)
English only