Execution of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights


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Providing support to the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights at the national level

Bucarest, 17 February 2011

Rapporteur's summary:
Report from the roundtable discussions prepared by Mr Jakub Wołąsiewicz, Poland - Click here

Regulation concerning denationalization in the Republic of Slovenia:
Presentation prepared by Ms Mija Cankar, Slovenia - Click here

Property compensation:
   Presentation prepared by Mr Gbor Czepek, Hungary - Click here

Restitution of agricultural assets in the Czech Republic after 1989:
   Presentation prepared by Mr Tom Doucha, the Czech Republic - Click here

Lithuanian experience in the field of restoration of property rights to former owners:
   Presentation prepared by Mr Irmantas Jarukaitis, Lithaunia - Click here

Germanys legislation regarding restitution and compensation of property abusively taken over by the State
   in the light and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights :
   Presentation prepared by Mr Harald Knig, Germany - Click here

Polish experience in the implementation of the European Court of Human Rights judgements on restitution of property:
Presentation prepared by Mr Tomasz Kuchenbeker, Poland - Click here

Property restitution/compensation: General measures to comply with the European courts judgments:
Presentation prepared by Ms Ledina Mandia, Albania - Click here

Bulgarian perspective of the problems concerning the restitution and compensation process:
Presentation prepared by Ms Daniela Masheva, Bulgaria - Click here

The Process of Land Property Restitution in Latvia:
Presentation prepared by Ms Laila Medina, Latvia - Click here

Relevant case-law concerning Slovakia:
Presentation prepared by Ms Marica Pirokov, the Slovak Republic - Click here

Chronological overview of the property restitution and compensation process in Albania:
Presentation prepared by Mr Alfred Rushaj, Albania - Click here

The challenges relating to the implementation of the legislation and difficulties encountered in the process of
property restitution/compensation:
Presentation prepared by Ms tefica Stanik, Croatia - Click here

Polish experience of pilot procedure and implementation of judgment Hutten-Czapska against Poland an
example of specific not compensatory redress:
Presentation prepared by Mr Piotr Styczeń, Poland - Click here