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Ms Hendrika SAMSON




- 1976: Degree in Dutch Law (Constitutional and Administrative Law), University of Utrecht
Professional activities
(a) Present position
Chair of the independent committee (known as the Samson Committee) which is investigating sexual abuse of children placed, under the state’s responsibility, in homes or foster care. The investigation covers the years from 1945 to the present and focuses on the nature and extent of sexual abuse, not on establishing the truth in individual cases.
(b) Work at national level
Primary posts
- Member of the Board of Procurators General, 2006-2009
- Chief Public Prosecutor, Utrecht District Court, 2003-2006
- Chief Public Prosecutor, Dordrecht District Court, 1998-2003
- Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor, Dordrecht District Court, 1995-1998
- Advocate General, Arnhem Court of Appeal, 1991-1995
- Public Prosecutor 1st class, Rotterdam District Court, 1988-1991
- Public Prosecutor, Rotterdam District Court, 1985-1988
- Junior Deputy Public Prosecutor, Rotterdam District Court, 1984-1985
- Training as a judicial officer, 1978-1984
- Policy Officer, Cultural Affairs, Province of Overijssel, 1978

Other activities within the Public Prosecution Service
- Chair of the National Advisory Committee on Appeals for Information by the Criminal Justice Authorities, 1996-2004
- Chair of the Committee on Tackling Serious Environmental Crime, 1990-1998
Outside activities
- Chair of the Committee on Sexual Harassment, Ministry of Justice, 1996-2004
- Member of the Board of the Dr Wouter Laurens Slot Foundation ‘De Dreef’, 1996–1999
- Member of the Board of the Otto Gerhard Heldring Foundation, 1996-1999
(c) International work
Member of the International Association of Prosecutors.
As a member of the Board of Procurators General, Ms Samson regularly attended meetings of European procurators general, depending on the subject under discussion, and kept in touch with colleagues in France, Germany and Belgium. For some time, her portfolio included Eurojust (the European Union’s Judicial Cooperation Unit).

Language skills
English and German: good
French: fair
Other relevant information
Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau