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Education and academic and other qualifications

Study of history and philosophy at Comenius University in Bratislava 1967-1972, doctoral student at the Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, PhD 1980, Associated Professor 2000, Professor 2003.

Professional activities

(a)  Present positions:

Senior researcher and Director of the Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

(b) Work at national level:

Member of the Centre of Excellence of the Slovak Academy of Sciences “Collective Identities in Central Europe” (2004-2006). 
Participant in the National research programme “Nation, Nationalities and Ethnic Groups in Transformation Societies” (2004-2006).
Principal investigator in the following projects: “Changes in Slovak Philosophic Thought in the 20th Century” (2004-2006) and “Currents of Thought and Traditions in 19th and 20th Century Slovakia” (2001-2003).
Member of the Centre of Excellence of the Slovak Academy of Sciences “Key Problems of Modern Slovak History” (2006-2010).

(c) International work:

Member of ECRI in respect of Slovakia (2003-present)
Observer (2003-2004) and deputy member of the EUMC’s Management Board in Vienna (2004-2007)
Investigator in the projects “Ethnos, Demos, Fides: Catholic Nationalisms in Comparative Perspective” (CSIC Madrid, 2005-2006)
“National Histories Revisited” (University of Naples, 2003-2004)
Contributor to Elias Canetti symposia in Vienna.

Publications and other works

Author and editor of books, numerous studies and articles published in Slovak, English, German and Italian, among others, Ethnic enthusiasts and citizens. On the History of Slovak Political Thought in the 19th Century, Bratislava: Veda 1998 (in Slovak); contributor to cultural monthly periodicals.

 Language skills

English, German, Hungarian, French, Russian.

Other relevant information

Fields of research interest are Slovak and Central European history of thought and political ideas, nationalism, national narratives and politics of memory.