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Integration of European standards in the Ukrainian Media Environment 2013/DG L/VC/2922




Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canada (DFATD)


Council of Europe


18 months (April 2013 – April  2015)

Total project funds received
  € 892 918

- To promote freedom of expression and information in Ukraine via further aligning the legal framework for the media with international standards;

- To support policy work on Internet and human rights issues;

- To raise professional and ethical standards in journalism, capacity-building for the media and the relevant civil society groups, thus improving quality and availability of information for society.
Components of the project  

- Broadcasting Law – better aligning the legal and regulatory framework for media with European standards, mainly in area of public broadcasting, through: assistance to Ukrainian institutions to align broadcasting law and with European Union standards; consultations and other events organised to raise awareness about the mandate and functioning of an independent public broadcaster; assistance to better classify and label the content of television programming.

- Access of information – helping Ukraine to implement its access to public information law by providing assistance to the Office of the Ombudsman’s  Representatives on Freedom of Information and Data Protection to better manage its institutional responsibilities for public access to information. Delivering training to Ukrainian journalists and civil society organisations on the application of the law on access to public information.

- Journalism Ethics Commission – improving the professional and ethical standards in journalism through assistance to establish a self-regulation body for Ukrainian media and a Code of Good Practice for Gender Equality in Journalism.
Expected results  

- The legal framework for the media is consolidated in line with European and international standards and expert support is provided for creating a system of genuine public broadcasting.

- The newly adopted legislation on access to public information is applied by public officials and used by the citizens more effectively.

Ethical standards in journalism are promoted through enhancing the media self-regulation system in Ukraine.

- Other corresponding freedoms and rights including children’s rights are protected.
Main activities Legal expertise, expert meetings and seminars, workshops, trainings and awareness-raising activities, roundtables conferences, publications and public debates on TV.

State Committee of Ukraine for Television and Radio Broadcasting

Target groups  

National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada Committee for  Freedom of Speech and Information, State Committee of Ukraine for Television and Radio Broadcasting, Journalist Ethics Committee, editors, journalists, civil society representatives

Final beneficiaries   Media professionals, Ukrainian public


Examples of organised activities: