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Conference "From State Broadcasting to Public Service Media"


The Council of Europe, in the framework of the Project “Integration of European standards in the Ukrainian Media Environment” is organising a conference "From state broadcasting to Public Service Media", on 1-2 July 2014, in Kyiv, Ukraine.     

The purpose of the conference will be:

-       to discuss the priorities in implementation of the public broadcasting law in Ukraine, given its commitments to the Council of Europe and the European Union; 

-       to share European standards, best practices and lessons learnt on the crucial elements of the reform;

-       to consolidate the efforts of the Ukrainian stakeholders around the establishment of the genuine public broadcasting system in Ukraine and enhance the reform process.  

The event should contribute to effective and transparent transition process from state to public broadcasting in Ukraine in line with European standards, and facilitate consensus-building among the Ukrainian stakeholders on the crucial elements of the reform. During the event the recommendations for further policy development and other relevant steps will be generated.


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