CARDS Regional Police Project :

a Council of Europe/European Commission regional project against serious crime in South-eastern Europe

Output 1.5 Strengthening of capacities for co-operation in criminal matters

Training on Policy Making and Legislation Drafting on Selected Aspects of International Cooperation in Criminal Matters (Pristina, 28-29 September 2006)

Within the framework of its joint project with the European Commission on "Development of Reliable and Functioning Policing Systems and Enhancing of Combating Main criminal Activities and Police Co-operation", and more specifically the projectís Output 1.5, the Council of Europe organised the training on policy making and drafting of legislation on selected aspects on international cooperation in criminal matters.

This event took place in Pristina from 28 to 29 September 2006 and involved around 20 junior and senior officials of the recently established Ministry of Justice, as well as of UNMIK, working in the field of international cooperation in criminal matters.

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