CARDS Regional Police Project :

a Council of Europe/European Commission regional project against serious crime in South-eastern Europe

Output 1.3 Use of special investigative means and intelligence in accordance with human rights standards

Regional seminar on data protection in relation to the use of criminal intelligence, Bitola, 8-9 June 2006

Mr Jean-Charles de Cordes, Council of
Europe and Mr Emilio Aced Felez, Data
Protection Agency of Madrid, Spain

The increasing use of automated processing of personal data over the past decades has increased the risk of illegal use of personal
data and facilitated their transfer across frontiers between countries with great differences in the level of protection provided to these

The regional seminar on data protection in relation to the use of criminal intelligence organised in Bitola on 8-9 June 2006, within
the framework of the CARPO project, has a threefold objective.
Firstly, to present the Council of Europe and EU standards on data
protection with a special emphasis on the police sector. Secondly, to share experiences with data protection supervisory authorities already established in South-eastern Europe. Thirdly, to gather in a practical and informal way practitioners and experts in the format of round tables on specific related issues. Participants will include crime intelligence analysts, experts from organised crime Departments and special investigative experts from the 7 project areas.


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Emilio FELEZ, Spain

Glyn MORGAN, Europol

Sanja VUK, Croatia

Andreja MRAK, Slovenia

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