CARDS Regional Police Project :

a joint Council of Europe/European Commission regional project against serious crime in South-eastern Europe

Output 1.2

Strengthening of financial investigations capacities aimed at the confiscation of proceeds from crime and experience exchange among the financial intelligence units in the region


Training of Local Trainers on Financial Investigations and Confiscation of Proceeds from Crime

Strasbourg, France, 20-23 February 2006

Trainers from 7 project areas participated in the ToT course



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Working Documents Group 1 (Albania, FYROM, UNMIK)

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Life Long Learning: Perception of learning
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Student Centered learning environment

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Working Documents Group 2 (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro)

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Aim: verbs to use and avoid

Objectives: verbs to use and avoid

Training Methods Selection Criteria

Training Aids Selection

Transparency Design Principles

PowerPoint Design Principles

Training Environment Table

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Concerning Experiential Learning Cycle and Bloom's Taxonomy: - bloom's taxonomy with useful action-references for designing and building training