CARDS Regional Police Project

a Council of Europe/European Commission regional project against serious crime in South-eastern Europe


Regional Workshop on the civil law tools in seizure and confiscation of proceeds from crime

Przno, Montenegro, 15-16 May 2007

The regional workshop on the civil law tools in seizure and confiscation was focused on legal solutions of EU countries in the field of extended confiscation / reversal of burden of proof regarding the source of property presumed to derive form crime. The workshop will also allow for extensive exchange of best practices from EU countries and countries from South-eastern Europe which already adopted some legal provisions on extended confiscation (mainly Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina). Participants from South-eastern Europe (Ministry of Justice, practitioners from judiciary and law enforcement) will use the experience gained to draw outlines of their future legal provisions on these topics.


Albanian | Bosnian | Croatian English | Serbian | Macedonian

List of participants


Civil Law Tools in Seizure and Confiscation of Proceeds from Crime, by Robert Golobinek

Dutch Confiscation Law, by Evert van der Steeg

Legal Provisions and Best Practice in Confiscation in the UK, by Dennis Evans

Extended Confiscation in Denmark, by Henrik Steen

Extended Forfeiture in the German Legislation, by Jrg Tinnes

Presentation of the participants from Albania

Presentation of the participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina