7th Colloquium on Cross-border Crime in Europe

7 – 8 October 2005, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The 7th Colloquium on Cross-border Crime in Europe is co-organised by the Faculty of Criminal Justice Sciences, the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands) and the joint Council of Europe/European Commission on "Development of Reliable and Functioning Policing Systems and Enhancing of Combating Main Criminal Activities and Police Co-operation" (CARPO Project).

The two day meeting gathered practitioners from the CARPO 7 project areas and researchers from various European Universities working in the field of organised crime. Participants examined the situation of organised and economic crime, the underlying threats and the feasibility of adequate responses.

The expected outcome is threefold: first, to make a realistic assessment of the organisation of crime in the Balkan region to give a support to policy makers in Europe and in the region to take appropriate anti-crime public policy and decisions, second, to raise public awareness on this issue and third, to reinforce links between researchers and practitioners.


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Maarten Van Dijck, Tilburg University
Almir Maljevic, Faculty of Criminal Justice Sciences, University of Sarajevo
Etienne Neff, Europol
Mari Hämäläinen, Europol
Brendan Quirke, Liverpool John Moores University
Klaus von Lampe, Freie Universität Berlin
James Newell, European Studies Research Institute, University of Salford
Karen Verpoest, Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy, University of Ghent
Largo Gemelli, Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore
Michael Levi, Cardiff University
Rezar Velmishi, Albania
Vlado Jovanic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Damir Bolta, Croatia
Rizvan Rexhaj, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro


Useful links

Cross-border Crime Colloquium: http://www.cross-border-crime.net/
Legal Affairs Directorate, Council of Europe: http://www.coe.int/T/E/Legal_affairs/
Faculty of Criminal Justice Sciences, Sarajevo: www.fknbih.edu
University of Tilburg, The Netherlands: http://www.tilburguniversity.nl/
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Jean-Charles de CORDES, Council of Europe
Vesna EFENDIC, Council of Europe Local Project Officer
Almir MALJEVIC, Sarajevo University