Action against economic crime

Octopus Conference 2013: Reports, presentations, resources

These technical reports, presentations and resources do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Council of Europe.



Opening session

Opening Speech, Director of Information Society and Action against Crime Directorate, J. Kleijssen


Plenary I

Challenges in 2013- outlook 2014

Russian cybercrime Intelligence, Group IB, Dmitry Alexandrovich Volkov

Speech on developments of the legislation ot fight cybercrime and protection of the internet in Brazil (Mr Eduardo Azeredo, Chamber of Deputies, Brazil)

Seoul Conference on Cyberspace, Coex (Jinhyun Cho, Korea Internet Security Agency, Korea)

Implementation of the Budapest Convention and legislative developments

The Cybercrime Convention Committee: an update, Markko Kunnapu, T-CY Chair

Budapest Convention on Cybercrime

Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY): Compilation of Guidance Notes

The cybercrime legislation of Commonwealth States

Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY): 10th Plenary

Workshop report on effective cybercrime legislation in Eastern Africa

Towards the development of effective cybercrime legislation in Eastern Africa, Mareen Owor



Workshop 1

International initiatives

Conference of Ministers of Justice of the iberoamerican countries (Fernando Ferraro, Secretary General)

Update on EU developments, JulieRUFF

INTERPOL Alliance against Cybercrime,Noboru Nakatani

Organisation of American States, Belisario Contreras
OAS Cyber Security Strategy, OAS Cyber Security Declaration, 2013 OAS Cyber Security Report, Recommendations Seventh Meeting of the Working Group on Cyber-crime

Cyber Security @ ITU, Tomas Lamanauskas

ENISA, the Directive on attacks against information systems, Jo De Muynck
A Good Practice Collection for CERTs on the Directive on attacks against information systems

Commonwealth working group of experts on cybercrime and the commonwealth cybercrime initiative, Colin Nicholls QC, Chair of the Commonwealth Working Group of Experts on Cybercrime

ASEAN’s Cooperation on Cybersecurity and against Cybercrime, Leonard Lu


Workshop 2

Cybercrime legislation in the Asia/Pacific region

Country Action Plan: Safeguarding Children from Online Abuse and Sexual Exploitation, Geronimo Sy

Japan’s Efforts in Promoting Regional Cooperation against Cybercrime, Tsuyoshi Kitagawa


Workshop 3

Capacity building on cybercrime and electronic evidence

Capacity building on cybercrime: discussion paper  (Alexander Seger, Council of Europe)

CyberCrime@IPA – Assessment report

Strategic Priorities for the Cooperation against Cybercrime in the Eastern Partnership Region (CyberCrime@EAP)

Strategic Priorities in the Cooperation against Cybercrime in South-eastern Europe

GLACY – Project summary

CyberCrime@Octopus – Project summary

Advance Cyber Defence Centre (ACDC) Project, Presentation (Wout De Natris)

Capacity Building in Ukraine, Leonid Tymchenko

Workshop 4

Transborder access

Transborder access to data


Workshop 5

Protecting children against online sexual exploitation

Virtual Global Task Force

Status of harmonisation of domestic legal frameworks with Budapest and Lanzarote Conventions (Katlijn Declerq, ECPAT) - Document

Regional workshop for ASEAN countries

Booklet "You and the Internet" by the Prosecutor General Office of Portugal

Global Campaign against webcam child sex tourism, Hans Guijt - Notes

Protecting children against sexual violence: the criminal law benchmarks of the Budapest and Lanzarote Conventions (Council of Europe/Global Project on Cybercrime)

Lanzarote Convention

Europol Experience - Law Enforcement Challenges, Anette Paavilainen

INTERPOL: Online Child Sexual Exploitation Investigation, Urdi Sadeh


Workshop 6

International cooperation: data preservation workshop for 24/7 points of contact and competent authorities for mutual assistance

Assessment by the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) of the provisions on expedited preservation of data

Data preservation, 24/7 Contact points, Romania (Virgil Spiridon, Cybercrime Unit in Romania)

Dominican Republic and the Budapest Convention, Claudio Peguero


Working groups


Working group 1

Cybercrime legislation in Latin America

Law 12.735 30/11/2013 on cybercrime (racism and specilized Police),Brazil

Law 12.737 30/11/2013 on cybercrime (invasion, fraudulent creation on credit and debit cards), Brazil

Substitute Bill to Bill of Law N. 2,126, of 2011, Brazil

Developments of the legislation to fight cybercrime and protection of the internet in Brazil (Mr Eduardo Azeredo, Chamber of Deputies, Brazil)


Working group 2

Updating Electronic Evidence Guide and training materials

Introductory course for judges and prosecutors

Advanced course for judges and prosecutors

Electronic Evidence Guide

1st Responder Course



Working group 3

GLACY Project planning

Project summary

Presentation of GLACY


Plenary II

Safeguards: criminal justice versus national security

Data protection in relation to transborder information sharing for network security and criminal justice purposes (J. Cannataci)

Article 15 Conditions and Safeguards under the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime (CyberCrime@IPA project)

Article 15 – Safeguards in the Eastern Partnership region (CyberCrime@EAP)

United States Compliance with Article 15 of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime in its Collection of Foreign Intelligence Information and Use in Criminal Investigations (Joseph Schwerha)

Democratic Oversight of the Security Services (Venice Commission of the Council of Europe)

Internet: case law of the European Court of Human Rights EN - FR

Freedom of expression and democracy in the digital age (Political Declaration and Resolutions adopted by the Council of Europe of Ministers responsible for Media and Information Society)

Risks to Fundamental Rights stemming from Tracking and other Surveillance Technologies (Declaration of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe)

Data protection: compilation of Council of Europe texts


Cybercrime in 2020

The 2020 Web Series

Project 2020 White paper



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