TYSAP: Strengthening the Coordination of Anti-Corruption Policies and Practices in Turkey


Strengthening the Coordination of Anti-Corruption Policies and Practices in Turkey (TYSAP) is a joint EU/CoE project, co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, and implemented by the Council of Europe. By contributing to a more efficient and effective structure in the fight against corruption in Turkey, TYSAP will provide relevant assistance to the country in terms of implementing GRECO recommendations and making progress towards compliance with European standards and best practices. The project is expected to enhance the expertise of the inspectors, auditors and controllers of different institutions about modern investigation and reporting techniques, cooperation and information sharing, data collection and analysis, developing sector specific anti-corruption policies. Moreover, it will enhance the expertise of Prime Ministry Inspection Board Inspectors in coordinating the corruption investigations and in monitoring the implementation of the 2010-2014 National Anti-Corruption Strategy. Activities will include analyzing legislative framework, producing policy and compliance reports, investigation guides, elaborating reporting standards, mapping corruption prone areas, training of trainers and inspectors. The main Beneficiary of the project is the Turkish Prime Ministry Inspection Board (PMIB). There are also nine additional co-beneficiaries mainly consisting of the inspection services of selected line Ministries


5-month no-cost extension of the TYSAP project

The TYSAP project has been extended for 5 months until 28 May 2015 according to an agreement signed between the European Union, the CFCU and the Council of Europe.

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Activities in the past:

Workshop to Review the 3rd version of Draft Investigation Guide by National and International Experts (Ankara, Turkey, 11-12 December 2014)

Within the framework of the TYSAP project, a workshop with CoE and Turkish experts and beneficiaries wase held in Ankara on 11-12 December 2014. The development of the Investigation Guide for Inspectors is one of the most important deliverables expected under the TYSAP project. The work on the document has been ongoing since January 2014 and the first draft was produced in April 2014. Two previous workshops with CoE experts were held to discuss the outline of the guide and subsequently the first draft. CoE expert opinions have been provided throughout the drafting process. The aim of workshop in December 2014 was to make a revision of the 3rd version of the draft Investigation Guide by a team of CoE and Turkish experts in order to ensure its compliance with CoE expertsí recommendations and standards, finalize the format and agree on the follow-up steps for completing the Guide and conducting subsequent trainings for Turkish inspectors based on the document. Following the exchange of views between the experts and the beneficiaries, the updated version of the draft is expected to be ready by end-January 2014. Subsequent supplementary materials, including case studies, are expected to be developed after finalization of the draft.

International Training at European Anti-Fraud Office
(Brussels, Belgium, 2-4 December 2014)

Within the framework of the TYSAP project an international training for 20 trainers from projectís beneficiary institutions (PMIB, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Food, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transportation, Treasury Controllers Board, Sworn In Banking Auditors) was held on 2-4 December 2014, at the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and the Belgian Central Office for the Repression of Corruption (OCRC). The main objective of the activity was to enhance capacities of the beneficiary institution in collecting and analyzing corruption data, modern corruption investigation techniques and to exchange experience on anti-corruption practices with the EU and Belgian agencies. The international training  included 2-day session with representatives from the OLAF and 1 day with the OCRC.

Activities in the past:
January-November 2014



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