A new Council of Europe regional project supporting National Anti-corruption Strategy of Moldova

The PACO MOLDOVA regional project was launched in January 2005 and will last at least 12 months. The project is jointly funded by the European Commission, Council of Europe and Switzerland.

It will provide support to the Republic of Moldova in the implementation of its recently adopted Strategy and Action Plan to prevent and combat corruption. It will also assist Moldova in complying with commitments undertaken at European level in order to ensure the effectiveness of the fight against corruption, money laundering and economic crime. The project is managed by the Council of Europe (Technical Co-operation Section, Department of Crime Problems, Directorate General of Legal Affairs) in co-operation with its main project partner in Moldova, namely the Centre for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption.

Project Activities

Ongoing activity: expertsí visit to Moldova to conduct risk assessment of the main law-enforcement institutions and provide recommendations for the prevention of corruption for 5 key institutions (6-10 June 2005)

Last Activities

Output 1 - Institutional mechanism to coordinate, manage and monitor the Strategy and Action Plan in place and functioning


Output 2 - Review of competencies of the main enforcement institutions in the investigation and prosecution of corruption offences and recommendations for improvements available

Expert report
Agenda of the workshop  
List of participants

Output 3 - Review of the criminal anti-corruption legislation in terms of its compliance with international standards and its effectiveness


Output 4 - Risk analyses and recommendations for the prevention of corruption available for at least 5 key institutions

Expert report

Output 5 - Draft law on financing of political parties and electoral campaigns available and recommendations for monitoring by civil society available

List of activities completed
Expert report 1
Expert report 2 
Agenda of the round table
List of participants

Output 6 - Up to 30 judges, prosecutors, police officers and CCCEC staff trained in the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of corruption


Output 7 - Up to 6 public awareness workshops held on specific topics related to corruption


Output 8 - Risks of corruption related to trafficking in human beings analysed and recommendations for actions available


List of activities 2005

Decree on approving Regulations of the Monitoring Group
Project summary

Work plan and time table of activities
Mission Report (Chisinau, 1-4 February 2005)

Inception Report

National Report on Corruption Prevention and Combating in Moldova for 2004-beginning of 2005 (summary)
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