GEPAC: Support to the anti-corruption strategy of Georgia

GEPAC Project is funded by a voluntary contribution of the Ministry for Development co-operation of the Netherlands

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Round Table Discussion on conducting Surveys on Corruption (16-17 July 2009, Baku)

[23 July 2008, Strasbourg] Within the frameworks of the projects AZPAC and GEPAC a joint round table discussion on conducting surveys on corruption was organised in Baku on 16 and 17 July 2008. The meeting aimed at presenting different methodologies, best practices and also provided discussion on specific countries' needs.
Two different questionnaires aimed at assessing the quality of public services in Georgia were reviewed and up-dated in accordance with the current country needs.   


Training on the implementation of the amendments on the Criminal Code of Georgia related to the liability of legal persons (8 July 2008, Tbilisi)

[4 July 2008, Strasbourg] The Council of Europe organised a training for prosecutors on the implementation of the amendments on the Criminal Code of Georgia related to the liability of legal persons. These amendments has entered into force on 11 April 2008, following the recommendations addressed to Georgia by the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) in its Second Evaluation Report. The meeting took place at the Training Centre of the Prosecutor's Office on 8 July 2008.


Three Regional Workshops on Public Access to Information

[4 July 2008, Strasbourg] The Council of Europe organised three regional workshops on Public Access to Information in Signagi (30 June), Kutaisi (2 July) and Batumi (3 July), Georgia. The aim of the meetings was to present the legal and practical framework/solutions for efficient and lawful dissemination of public information to representatives of local authorities. They also had the possibility to discuss issues of implementation with representatives of the National Association of Local Authorities in Georgia and Young Lawyers Association (GYLA).


1st Steering Group Meeting (22 April 2008, Tbilisi)

[22 April 2008, Strasbourg] The 1st Project Steering Group Meeting took place in Tbilisi on 22 April 2008. As a result, the Project Workplan was slightly up-dated and adapted to the current institutional needs and priorities. 
The meeting brought together representatives from all counterpart institutions, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Council of Europe.

Training on Code of Ethics for Prosecutors (20-21 April, Tbilisi)

[19 April 2008, Strasbourg] The Council of Europe organised two trainings for senior prosecutors on the Code of Ethics on 20 and 21 April in Tbilisi. The trainings will bring together prosecutors from different regions of the country. They will discuss, among other things, the practical implementation of the key articles of the Code of Ethics, as well as current challenges and possible future amendments to the Code. 


RTD on the possible options of the future specialised Anti-corruption structure of Georgia (6 March 2008, Tbilisi)

[4 March 2008, Strasbourg] In 2007 President Saakashvili expressed his will to create a specialised Anti-corruption structure of Georgia. In support of this, the Council of Europe organised a meeting to discuss the institutions' needs for the elaboration of such a structure and to present the international experience in this field.


RT on the elaboration of integrity assessment  (4-5 March, Tbilisi)

[1 March 2008, Strasbourg] A Round table discussion and bi-lateral meetings were held with the Ministry of Interior and the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia for the elaboration of risk/integrity assessment in both institutions. The risk assessment is a tool for prevention of corruption and conflict of interests within the institutions, aiming at increasing internal control, recruitment, promotion and rotation process.


Training on the newly adopted Law on legalisation of property of Georgia (22 February 2008, Tbilisi)

[18 February 2008, Strasbourg] The training allowed participants to share their experience and discuss the implementation of the Law on legalisation of property as well as the Law on legalisation of the ground, adopted by Georgian Parliament in 2007. It also aimed at raising the awareness on the implementation of both laws and making the process of legalisation of property more transparent.


RTD on tools of reporting and implementation of anti-corruption measures (28 January 2008, Tbilisi)

[15 January 2008, Strasbourg] The Round Table Discussion aimed at assisting the nominated Contact Points from different institutions to better understand operational issues with regard to tools of reporting, cooperation and monitoring of the implementation of anti-corruption measures. In addition, participants also discussed issues regarding the Anti-corruption Strategy and Action Plan and the needs to develop appropriate tools of reporting, coordination, and implementation.

Presentation on tools of reporting and implementation of anti-corruption measures


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