PACA: Technical papers 2011

These technical reports and presentations have been prepared under the PACA Project. They do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Council of Europe.







Mr Herbert Zammit Laferla, Council of Europe expert

Expert opinion on the draft amendments to "Instruction no. 20 of the Ministry of Finance of Albania  concerning the reporting methods and procedures of the obliges persons and entities under the "Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing" and "Instructions no. 21 of the Ministry of Finance of Albania on reporting methods and procedures of designated nonfinancial professions".


December 2011
PACA team

Recommendations for the future regulation of Immunities of elected officials in Albania


September 2011

Mr Lippold Freiherr von Bredow, Council of Europe expert


Opinion on provisions to ensure transparency of party funding in Albania and recommendations for future monitoring by the central electoral commission

April 2011

Ms Cristina Cojocaru, Council of Europe expert, and Mr Quentin Reed, PACA Team Leader


Proposed final version of addendum to Albanian Law Drafting Manual:“Corruption Proofing: Using Good Law Drafting to Avoid Creating Corruption Risks in Draft Legislation”


April 2011

Mr Quentin Reed, PACA Project Team Leader


Opinion on the draft regulation on the functioning of the inter-ministerial working group for preparation, drafting and follow-up of implementation of the Anti-corruption strategy


April 2011

Mr Tilman Hoppe, Council of Europe expert


Immunities in Council of Europe member states: legislative, executive and judicial office holders


April 2011

Mr Pedro Perreira, Council of Europe Expert and Mr Gent Ibrahimi, PACA Long Term Advisor

Albanian judicial practice in the interpretation and implementation of seizure of crime proceeds under the Anti-mafia law


February 2011

Mr Quentin Reed, PACA Team Leader

The mechanism for coordination and monitoring implementation of the Albanian Anti-corruption strategy: assessment and proposed next steps


January 2011

Mr Gent Ibrahimi, PACA Long Term Adviser


Assessment of the revised proposed amendments to the law on prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing

January 2011