Action against economic crime


PACS-Serbia: Main activities 2013

Corruption Risk Analysis within Judiciary and Law Enforcement- Experts’ Field Missions
(Serbia, 9-12 and 16-19 December 2013)

The second mission/series of meetings with regional courts, prosecutors and law enforcement representatives were held in mid-December 2013 and  marked the completion of the Phase 2 of this activity. This mission aimed at gathering necessary information from the local level and also at cross-checking the data obtained at the central level.

Provision of the Expert Opinion on the Legal Framework Regulating the Role of the Disciplinary Prosecutors
(Serbia, November 2013)

In November 2013 the PACS project delivered the expert opinion/assessment on the compliance of the Serbian normative framework on disciplinary prosecutors with the relevant international standards. This opinion represents just one of the project’s actions aimed at strengthening the role of the disciplinary prosecutors of the High Judicial Council and the State Prosecutorial Council.

Corruption Risk Analysis - Experts’ Field Missions
(Serbia, October – November 2013)

During the last week of October and the first week of November, two expert missions dealing with the corruption risk analysis within judiciary and law enforcement took place. In this period the expert teams conducted two series of discussions with the institutions’ representatives and held in-depth interviews with their employees. The analyses, aiming at identifying vulnerabilities to corruption within judiciary and law enforcement, are scheduled to last six months and shall be completed in March 2014.

Workshop to discuss the proposed record keeping methodology and benchmarking
(Belgrade, Serbia, 3 October 2013)

In June 2013 the project released two technical papers – “Assessment of the current state of play with regard to statistics on corruption and economic crime and recommendations for improvements in measuring progress in tracking/handling these cases” and “Interactive Criminal Statistics for Tracking and Tracing”. Following their publication and dissemination, the project organised a workshop to discuss the recommendations set in these papers. The workshop took place in Belgrade on 3 October 2013.

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Launching of the Risk Analysis in Relation to Criminal Investigations and Proceeding
(Belgrade, Serbia, October 2013)

The second coordination meeting between the project and the Institute for Comparative Law marked the launching of the risk analysis aimed at assessing regulatory and organisational obstacles to efficient criminal investigations and proceedings. The meeting confirmed key actions to be undertaken until the completion of this activity. The analysis will encompass challenges that judicial professionals encounter while investigating/adjudicating criminal cases of corruption and economic crime, as well as the assessment of the current legal framework with emphasis on advantages and disadvantages of the investigation concept introduced by the new Criminal Procedure Code.

2nd Steering Committee Meeting
(Belgrade, Serbia, 18 September 2013)

At its second meeting, the Project Steering Committee  discussed and reviewed the implementation of the activities following the completion of the inception phase. The Project stands at an important crossroads as corruption risk analyses are set to begin, assistance concerning benchmarking in measuring progress of tracking/handling corruption cases gets fully underway and PACS training programme for prosecutors, judges and law enforcement agents has been finalised.
The meeting took place in the Conference Room of the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade.

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The project finalised two more technical papers
(Belgrade, Serbia, June - July 2013)

1. Interactive Criminal Statistics for Tracking and Tracing, which provides policy advice on setting up reliable record keeping methodology/statistics on corruption/economic crime cases and a benchmarking system which would enable Serbian authorities to measure progress in investigating, prosecuting and adjudicating corruption/economic crime;
2. Training Needs Assessment and Training Curricula for Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and the Judiciary on Corruption and Economic Crime, which includes analysis of the training needs and a detailed outline of the proposed multidisciplinary training programme on corruption, economic crime cases, accounting and auditing.

Technical Paper 3: Serbian / English
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The project finalised Addendum to the manual “Basic Anti-Corruption Concepts”
(Belgrade, Serbia, August 2013)

Addendum to the Training Manual “Basic Anti-Corruption Concepts” , was prepared following the feedback received from the PACS Working Group on Training Needs. The Addendum elaborates access to specific data on citizens’ property that law enforcement agencies have when initiating and conducting criminal investigation. The Addendum took German practice and legal framework as a model.

Technical Paper 5: Serbian / English

The project finalised two technical papers
(Belgrade, Serbia, May - June 2013)

1. Risk Analysis Methodology Guide, which sets basis for conducting risk analysis on current situation with regard to possibilities and actual extent of corruption within the judiciary, prosecution and law enforcement;
2. Assessment of the current state of play with regard to statistics on corruption and economic crime and recommendations for improvements in measuring progress in tracking/handling these cases, which presents an analysis of the current framework of the judicial and law enforcement statistical system in Serbia with regard to measuring level of efficiency of tracking/handling of corruption/economic crime cases in the Serbian judiciary and law enforcement system.”

Technical Paper 1: Serbian / English
Technical Paper 2: Serbian / English

Meeting of the Working Group to discuss training needs
(Belgrade, Serbia, 27-28 May 2013)

The Working Group gathered the representatives of all PACS project beneficiaries as well as the Council of Europe’s experts. The meeting elaborated and discussed training needs for prosecutors, judges and law enforcement agents. As the result of the meeting, the most efficient and comprehensive training curricula on corruption, economic crime cases, accounting and auditing will be defined.


Start-up conference
(Belgrade, Serbia, 26 April 2013)

Strengthening the capacities of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies in Serbia in fighting corruption and other topical issues were addressed at the Start-up Conference of the PACS project. At this occasion, the keynote speeches were delivered by H.E. Mr Štefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, Mr Aleksandar Vučić, First Deputy Prime Minister, and Ms Antje Rothemund, Head of the Council of Europe Mission in Belgrade.The conference was attended by the representatives of the project beneficiaries and target groups, international organisations, civil society and experts community.Following the presentations and discussion, the final workplan of activities was adopted.

Speech of Ms Antje Rothemund
Speech of H.E. Mr Štefan Füle
Speech of Mr Aleksandar Vučić
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1st Steering Committee Meeting
(Belgrade, Serbia, 22 March 2013)

During February 2013, PACS project team held bilateral meetings with the project counterparts - Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, Ministry of Interior, Supreme Court of Cassation, High Judicial Council, Republic Public Prosecutorial Office, State Prosecutorial Council, Academy of Criminalistics and Police Studies and Judicial Academy. The meetings and feedback received from these institutions facilitated the drafting and finalisation of the project workplan of activities. The draft workplan was officially presented to the beneficiaries and the main donor at the first Steering Committee (SC) meeting on 22 March 2013 at the premises of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration. The participants discussed the proposed workplan and suggested a few changes, in line with the present situation in the relevant institutions. The draft SC Terms of Reference were also presented at the meeting. The Steering Committee decided to hold the PACS Start-up Conference, a high visibility event, in April 2013, to raise awareness about corruption issues in Serbia.

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Introductory meetings
(Belgrade, Serbia, 23 January 2013)

The introductory meeting with main beneficiaries of the project were held on 23 January 2013 in the premises of the Council of Europe office in Belgrade. The meeting, aimed at presenting the project expected results, discussed the modalities of activities implementation and their tentative timelines. The detailed workplan of project activities will be presented at the 1st Steering Committee meeting of the project, tentatively scheduled for mid-March 2013. In parallel, the representatives of the Action against Crime Department of the Council of Europe held a meeting with the project donor – the European Union Delegation, and discussed the state of play of joint projects currently implemented in Serbia.